FIFA and UEFA discuss allowing foreign players in the Russian Premier League to go free

Colombian Wilmar Barrios plays for Russia’s Zenit (Photo: FC ZENIT) (FC ZENIT/)

The invasion of Russian forces on Ukrainian territory aroused various repercussions directly to the world of football. From the move of the Champions League final (from St. Petersburg to Paris), to the disqualification of the Russian national team (the federation went to TAS) and the stoppage of the tournament in Ukraine. But the ball in the Russian Premier League continues to roll, although it could soon lose some of its main figures: the FIFA and UEFA could determine that foreign soccer players who play in the league of that country be released without possible consequences.

As he was able to find out InfobaeFIFA, FIFPRO (the world union of professional footballers), leagues, club associations and other interested parties they are evaluating the possibility of giving the freedom letter to the players who play in the Russian league so that they can continue their work in other latitudes. A similar decision could fit for those who are under contract to Ukrainian clubs, taking into account that today the championship, logically, is suspended.

If this is finally confirmed, some 150 players who play in the main divisions of Russian football would have free rein to terminate their respective contracts covered by the open fire in that area. The devaluation of the ruble (Russian currency) and the fact that the vast majority of the clubs are state or local authorities, in addition to the constant feeling of danger and vulnerability that many of them go through, are the main causes of the measure that could become official soon.

In other words, in the face of this scenario, the Russian Premier League would not stop, but foreign footballers who wish to terminate the link with their respective team, they may do so without restrictions or sanctions. And, therefore, they will have the approval of UEFA – at the request of FIFA – to sign for another club regardless of the opening and closing of the markets. Beyond this plan that is being evaluated, the repercussions of the Russian military attack are already beginning to be seen: the Ukrainian defender Yaroslav Rakitskiy terminated with Zenit and the German coaches Markus Gisdol and Daniel Farke left their positions in entities of that country.

UEFA and FIFA would continue to limit the capabilities of the Russian federation (REUTERS / Given Ruvic)
UEFA and FIFA would continue to limit the capabilities of the Russian federation (REUTERS / Given Ruvic) (DADO RUVIC /)

The FIFA and UEFA authorities are moving quickly as they seek urgent approval of this determination. As there is still free air passage to Istanbul (Turkey) and Belgrade (Serbia)They need to advance the protocols and the bureaucracy when evaluating that this circulation and escape route could be closed in the short term (many European countries have already closed their airspace to airlines and flights from Russia). Leaving by land vehicle, with the extensive length of the roads and the extreme danger of bullets, would be highly risky.

On Russian soil, foreign players are cautious and at the moment almost none have made public reference to the war issue and the possible departure from the Premier League. However, many are in permanent contact with the embassy of their respective country to find out the steps to follow, according to the Croatian newspaper. Jutarnji List. They are clear that the outlook is discouraging: From one moment to another, the payments of their contracts may become complicated and they fear that there will be some reprisal from the Ukrainian army in Russia.

The war conflict did not impact Russian territory at the moment. There is no hostile climate, sirens, shootings or bombings, as is the case in Kiev and a good part of the Ukrainian cities under the siege of the Russian military. Although the devaluation is worrying and many Russian companies are going through an imbalance due to the cut of the ties with the outside. There is concern for the future. For example, the French footballer Remy Cabellawho is active in Krasnodar, traveled to his native country and did not return to Russia on the recommendation of the embassy.

Some of the South Americans who appear in Russian team templates are the Argentine Lucas Masoero (Nizhny Novgorod), the Colombians Wilmar Barrios (Zenit), Jorge Carrascal (CSKA Moscow), Jhon Córdoba (Krasnodar), Dilan Ortiz (Ufa) and Mateo Casierra (Sochi), Brazilians Santos Douglas, Wendel, Claudinho, Malcom, Yuri Roberto (Zenit), Bruno Fuchs (CSKA Moscow), Pablo (Lokomotiv), Ayrton (Spartak Moscow), Bruno Viana (Khimki) and Rodrigo (Sochi) , the Uruguayans Guillermo Varela and Diego Laxalt (Dinamo Moscow) and the Ecuadorians Christian Noboa (Sochi) and Cristian Ramírez (Krasnodar).


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