Fighting between Israel and Hezbollah continues: the Lebanese border is experiencing its highest peak of tension since 2006

Israel and the terrorist group Hezbollah they live their higher peak voltage since the war they fought in 2006, following the brutal attacks carried out by Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7.

This Tuesday, they registered explosions and smoke on the border between Israel and Lebanon, as part of the escalation of aggression by pro-Palestinian militias.

Hezbollah has lost more than 100 fighters in recent hostilities with Israel, according to the armed group. While in the Jewish State eight soldiers and four civilians lost their lives.

This Tuesday, Israel attacked positions of the Shiite group in Lebanonafter the launch from Lebanese territory of a missile against an Israeli planewhich was not hit, and an anti-tank projectile that injured a civilian.

The Israeli Army indicated that this morning a surface-to-air missile against one of its planes that operate in the border area between both countries, without suffering damage.

Column of smoke after an Israeli attack on the town of Dhira, in southern Lebanon, amid exchanges of fire with Hezbollah on the border between the two countries. Marwan Naamani/Dpa/File (Marwan Naamani/Dpa/)

Israeli aircraft and tanks attacked Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon after several projectiles were launched from this country into the area of Har Dovin northern Israel, the Army added in a statement.

In the afternoon, an anti-tank missile launched from Lebanon hit a Greek Orthodox Church in the town of Iqritin northern Israel, and a civilian who was treated by the Army and the Israeli emergency service Magen David Adom was injured.

Israeli media reported that the injured man is a 80 year old mancaretaker of the church located in an uninhabited town.

Israeli Government Spokesperson Eylon Levydenounced on the social network violates the resolution of the United Nations Security Council in 2006 after the war between the Shiite group and Israel, attacking civilian areas and religious sites, which is why he demanded that it withdraw from the border area.

An Israeli artillery unit fires during a military exercise in northern Israel, bordering Lebanon, on November 2, 2023. Ayal Margolin / Xinhua News / ContactPhoto/File
An Israeli artillery unit fires during a military exercise in northern Israel, bordering Lebanon, on November 2, 2023. Ayal Margolin / Xinhua News / ContactoPhoto/File (Ayal Margolin / Xinhua News / ContactoPhoto/)

This Tuesday the death of an Israeli sergeant was announced, Daniel Nachmani21 years old, who was wounded last Friday in a Hezbollah attack, in which a soldier died.

The Lebanese Shiite group said on Monday that it had attacked targets of the Israeli Army on the border between the two countries and caused casualties.

Israel has deployed more than 200,000 soldiers on its northern border, where violence has also caused the displacement of thousands of inhabitants: some 80,000 people have been evacuated from communities in northern Israel and more than 70,000 have fled southern Lebanon.

(With information from EFE and Reuters)