Filters on TikTok to create Halloween content

Halloween filters on TikTok. (photo: The Popular)

With the intention of celebrating Halloween, TikTok It has various horror filters including costumes to scare everyone and cool horror challenges. This is how the platform, since last year, has included 13 designs among which you can find ghosts, haunted mansions and spiders.

Thanks to these designs, photos can be edited with Halloween filters created by TikTok designers. There are 13 designs among which are:

– Ghosts: a banshee can be added wandering behind the unsuspecting author of the photo.

– Haunted Houses: it is possible to place the user a background with a cursed mansion.

– Spider eyes: the person in the video happens to have a lot of gory eyes and some cobwebs in the background.

– Scary glitch: the person’s face becomes blurred and their eyes darken.

– Scary Photo Shoot: the filter recreates a photo booth, but adds terror. The user has time to take the photo, but the effect is caused to generate the unexpected and scare him.

– Crop Haunted Photo: It has something of a challenge and consists of taking as many photos as possible with a dark background coming out well in most of them.

TikTok filters.  (photo: YouTube)
TikTok filters. (photo: YouTube)

How to use Halloween filters

For those who want to know how to use this effect, it is very simple and like the other TikTok effects or filters, it is necessary to select it from the gallery or search for it with the name Halloween makeup.

Halloween filters on TikTok.  (photo: Filtup)
Halloween filters on TikTok. (photo: Filtup)

Since the function is displayed, select which of the three filters you want to use on the face.

Already having the Halloween makeup chosen, now it’s time to click on the duration (15 seconds, 1 minute or 3 minutes are the options) in which you want to record the video that will be generated and press the red button to start recording the video in selfie mode.

Halloween filters on TikTok.  (photo: Filtup)
Halloween filters on TikTok. (photo: Filtup)

After the selected recording time has finished, the video is ready to be posted, although prior to that it can be edited and additional effects, filters, music and others can be added.

In itself it is like any other filter that is used in this app so it can be recorded as usual with this function in selfie mode, only with a filter on the face.

Therefore, you could also add everything you want within the application galleries of this social network.

Halloween filters on TikTok.  (photo: Filtup)
Halloween filters on TikTok. (photo: Filtup)

And this is how TikTok gives a fun option to be consistent with the celebrations of the month of Halloween with a single click and without having to do elaborate makeup, or spend a lot of time looking for what to wear.

So far there are more than 10 million views on TikTok videos that have been shared by users with these three special effects inspired by Halloween, using the following hashtags:

#filtrodehalloween, #filtrosdehalloween, #filtrodehallowen, #filtros_de_halloween, #filtrohalloween, #filtrosdehalloween👻, #filtrehalloween, #filtroshalloween, #filtrhalloween, #halloweenfilter.

Halloween videos on TikTok.  (photo: TikTok blog)
Halloween videos on TikTok. (photo: TikTok blog)

Do not forget to be aware of the new trends that TikTok has, because on holidays the social network of Bytedance launch a series of filters and sounds that disappear over time.

So already being in the month of October, from Infobae readers are recommended not to stay out of this trend that is just one click and one minute away from being able to enjoy the result.


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