Find a bone in his Rosca de Reyes and it goes viral on the Internet

A woman from Cancun reported on social networks that she found a bone in the Rosca de Reyes, a fact that she considered disgusting

A few days ago the Day of the Kings was celebrated in Mexico, which is why millions of families gathered to split the traditional rosca de reyes, inside which it is possible to find a small plastic doll that indicates those responsible for giving the tamales in the festivities of the Day of the Candlemas.

However, this emotional family moment was not at all pleasant for a woman from Cancun, who was shocked to see that there was a bone inside the bread, which she had previously acquired in a famous store. This fact was reported on his Twitter account and so far no response has been obtained from the company.

“That Father! @SamsClubMexico at the Cancun branch, the dolls are so real that they even come with bones !! @Profeco ”, wrote the woman identified on Twitter as @RoxCarSant, who attached photographs showing the piece of bone that was found inside its thread and next to one of the traditional dolls.

It cannot be denied that social networks have become the favorite medium for netizens to express their dissatisfaction with companies and report product flaws, especially if they are for human consumption. A clear example of this is a user who complained of finding worms in a bag of Doritos.