Finland seeks to have its NATO membership bill ready by December

File photo of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Pekka Haavisto (REUTERS / Yves Herman) (YVES HERMAN /)

The Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavistoannounced this Saturday that the draft law on Finland’s accession to NATO will be ready in december despite the reluctance expressed by Turkey and Hungary, member states of the Atlantic Alliance that have not ratified the country’s or Sweden’s accession.

“The Government is ready to present a bill on Finland’s entry into NATO in December,” he explained about a “law that may be ready even before Turkey and Hungary ratify Finland’s NATO membership”, collected the Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet.

In his speech to the council of the Green party, to which he belongs, Haavisto noted that NATO membership will not change the fundamentals of Finland’s foreign policy.

“Although many things change with Finland’s entry into NATO, not everything changes. Finland’s foreign policy is still based on human rights, we continue to emphasize the the importance of a rules-based international system and compliance with international law”, he assured.

On November 24, the Office of the President of Finland called for speeding up work on a law approving the country’s entry into NATO, despite the fact that Turkey and Hungary have not yet ratified the protocol for the entry of Finland and Sweden into the alliance.

“The Presidency of the Republic considers it appropriate that the Government’s proposal for the approval of the North Atlantic Treaty be submitted to Parliament, regardless of the aforementioned missing ratifications, so that there is the will to approve agreements as soon as the conditions are met”, said the head of state, Sauli Niinisto, in a statement.

File photo of the President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto (REUTERS)
File photo of the President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto (REUTERS) (LEHTIKUVA /)

The president was referring to comments made this week by the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbanwho confirmed that Hungary will not complete the ratification process so that both countries can join NATO until early 2023, despite the fact that it was taken for granted that it would be this year.

Orbán has stressed that Hungary supports the expansion of the Atlantic Alliance and has advanced that the parliamentary vote will take place in the first session of 2023. “The two (Nordic) countries have not lost a single minute for Hungary,” he stated, according to statements released by his government.

Sweden and Finland are also awaiting the approval of Turkey, the country that has been most reluctant to join NATO due to the presence in these countries of individuals whom Ankara links to “Kurdish terrorist organizations”. The expansion of the bloc requires the endorsement of the 30 member states, so it is necessary for all the allies to do their part.

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