Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin spoke and defended her conduct: “I did not do anything illegal”

The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, denied again this Friday having used narcotic substances during a party and announced that she had undergone a drug test “to clean her reputation”the results of which will be made public within a week.

”In recent days there have been quite serious accusations made public that I have used drugs. For my own legal protection, although I consider that the requirement of a drug test is unreasonable, to erase such suspicions I have today submitted to a drug test”he said at a press conference.

In addition, the premier argued that “she had no work meeting planned for that weekend”, and that, as she had free time, he decided to spend it with his friends. “And I didn’t do anything illegal”he added.

Marin, who has been involved in a controversy after leaking several videos in which she appears singing and dancing at what appear to be private parties, stated that has never taken drugs or seen anyone take them.

”Never in my life, not even in my youth, have I used drugs. I wish we lived in a society where my word could be trusted. But since now they want to raise those suspicions, that’s why I took the test, “he said.

”I am also concerned with the presumption of innocence and I would like these accusations not to be launched”he added.

On Thursday, in another round with journalists, Marin stated that it bothered him that videos of him dancing at parties that were private were published on the Internet, since they were meant to be seen only by friends.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (Matias Honkamaa/REUTERS) (LEHTIKUVA/)

“These videos are private and they are filmed in a private space. It bothers me that they have been released to the public.” he told reporters, adding that he did not know who had leaked them.

The first of the videos published Wednesday by the tabloid tabloid Iltalehti, collects several moments of a private party in which Marin sings and dances with a group of friends in a private address.

Apparently, the original fragments of the video were published in a closed group of the social network Instagram with less than a hundred members to which Marin belongs, but then someone spread it on social media.

”I want to believe and trust people. I regret that the material has been made public for all to see”, she said visibly annoyed.

In the video, partygoers can be heard singing a chorus of a song that mentions the word “jauhojengi” (literally, the flour gang), which to some suggests that cocaine was used at the party.

Regarding the possible political repercussions of the dissemination of the video, Marin pointed out that all Finnish citizens have the right to judge her for her actions and reflect her opinion in the upcoming elections.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin leaving her press conference (Roni Rekomaa via REUTERS)
Prime Minister Sanna Marin leaving her press conference (Roni Rekomaa via REUTERS) (LEHTIKUVA /)

Marin, 36, has been subjected to a unprecedented public scrutiny in Finnish history since she took office, then becoming the world’s youngest female head of government.

(With information from Reuters and EFE)

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