“Fiona”; Horror short film that reimagines Shrek in a monstrous way

With the arrival of Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey and Terrifier 2, horror movies have gained new momentum internationally.

A new trend made a more monstrous and bloody version of Shrek come to light again, it is a tape completely removed from the plot of the animated film but it brings back one of the main characters, Princess Fiona.

It is a short film by director Andy Chen inspired by the animated film, starring Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy, which is currently available on YouTube and you can watch completely free.

The story of this short film shows a knight infiltrating a castle to rescue Princess Fiona, who, like in Shrek, has been trapped for years waiting for someone to rescue her.

The knight approaches Princess Fiona who is happy to finally be rescued, however, the joy does not last long when she begins to transform into an ogre, but something very different from what can be seen in the animated film. Her dress begins to tear completely and she begins to fill with wrinkles and hair.

Fiona, the short film does not end with a happy ending, since there is no censorship in how bloody it becomes, completely changing the perspective of all Shrek lovers.

Sof Puchley is in charge of giving life to Fiona but Maddi Estrada is the one who plays her ogre version. Dakota Daulby is the actor who tries to rescue the princess from her castle.