First Lupillo, then Nodal and now this young man got a TATTOO in honor of Belinda

Belinda has been on everyone’s lips lately. She first proclaimed herself as the “queen of mooring” and “patron saint of whitewashes”, she also demonstrated her simplicity with her fans and she continues to be an inspiration for tattoos.

The singer lived a funny moment with her followers, whom she attended as few celebrities do. But she ran into her that they gave her a pen that she did not paint to sign autographs. Look at the moment:

On the other hand, the name of the singer echoed because a young man followed in the footsteps of Belinda’s exes, Lupillo Rivera and Christian Nodal. Both tattooed themselves in honor of the artist and then they were erased.

But a young man did it seriously and tattooed the actress’s face on one leg. He also tattooed words reminiscent of Belinda’s albums and on TikTok he showed the result.

The video went viral and has already grabbed headlines. “Since I’m stuck with Beli… well, I went to get her tattooed,” said the young man whose account is called Juan Munchi.

@juanmunchi I already got Beli’s tattoos! Patron of the assholes. @Belinda I love you forever. You were my first love, for you I lost my fear. #belifan #tatooBelinda #libertadbailalatour #clubbelindagdl #Beli #belinda #tatuajebelinda ♬ Love at First Sight – Los Angeles Azules & Belinda & Lalo Ebratt

@juanmunchi Winning like always! Belinda, Patron Saint of buggers. Love you. @Belinda #belinda #belindapop #ganandocomosiempre #patronadelosenculados #santabelindadelosamarres #santabelinda #santabelinda������amen ♬ Neither Freud Nor Your Mama – Belinda

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