First the Foro Sol, then Coachella and now the Zócalo; Grupo Firme will do a free concert

Grupo Firme will be presented at the Zócalo in Mexico City. Although the date has not been defined, the Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum reported that the group has already agreed to give a concert in the Plaza de Armas.

The news was given during the delivery of a recognition from the city government to Grupo Firme.

The diploma given to the Latin Grammy-winning group reads: “For their contribution to spreading regional Mexican music throughout the world, breaking down macho stereotypes and promoting inclusion and respect, and for continuing to inspire all young people to fulfill their goals”.

Eduin Caz, the singer of Firme, thanked the recognition and pointed out: “I have nothing left to do but thank you for being part of this and that our dreams come true and we want your dreams to come true as well.”

The Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum, for her part, highlighted the importance of this type of recognition.

“Normally we give recognition to presidents or state representatives, but these popular heroes are often not given the essential recognition, they have the hearts of the public and the people, but today we want to officially recognize them as distinguished guests.”

After the delivery, many of the attendees, including a group of policemen from the women’s corps, came to take a photo with Grupo Firme.