Five Alexa commands for the holidays

Amazon Alexa. (photo: Al Dia News)

During the Christmas season and the end of the year, companies technology have a habit of adding new functions, aspects, details and features in their websites either Applications to celebrate the arrival of the holidays. the doodles of Google They are a way to celebrate this time of year.

However, in the case of Amazondeveloper company of the virtual assistant alexathe new functions and commands that are given to the software are their way of giving users a way to integrate the technology to their celebrations.

These are five Christmas commands that have been added to the virtual assistant with Christmas motives for this year.

“Alexa, show me Christmas movies”

One of the family customs during the Christmas season is to see films Specials that refer to the end of the year celebrations. In the case of the assistant Amazonusers only need to activate the command “Alexa, show me Christmas movies” so that they can be seen on the Smart TV of the house or apartment.

Amazon Prime Video.  (photo: Clarion)
Alexa will be able to show users the available Christmas-themed movies. (photo: Clarion)

The assistant will be in charge of finding the films and if the family has a Fire TV device available, Alexa can even start playing one of them automatically.

“Alexa, spin the dreidel”

According to Jewish tradition, the dreidel is a four-sided top that can be played with during the Hanukkah holiday. By activating the command “Alexa, spin the dreidel”, users can play virtually with the assistant Amazon.

In addition, if the user wishes, they can ask alexa what are the rules of the game so you can understand them and play a few games.

“Alexa, ask Santa if I’m good or bad”

The Christmas tradition indicates that Santa Claus (Santa Claus for some people) has a list of people from all over the world in which you can find out how many of them have behaved well or badly during the year.

Alexa will be able to tell users if they are on Santa's list of good or bad people.  Photo: Amazon/dpa
Alexa will be able to tell users if they are on Santa’s list of good or bad people. Photo: Amazon/dpa (Amazon/)

If the user wishes, he can activate the command “Alexa, ask Santa if I’m good or bad” to find out what list you are on and if you will be able to receive gifts on Christmas Day Christmas.

“Alexa, track Santa Claus”

During Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will have to travel the world to be able to leave the gifts to each person before the morning of Christmasso the kids may want to know where it is so they can expect it ahead of time.

With the command “alexatrack Santa Claus” you can know his location, although this will not change during the days prior to the celebration of the Christmas.

“Alexa, tell me a Christmas joke”

Like others virtual assistantsAlexa has a feature that allows users to request a joke to liven up family gatherings, though some may be considered funnier than others.

With the help of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, users can control the rest of their connected devices in a Smart Home ecosystem.  Photo: Florian Schuh/dpa
With the help of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, users can control the rest of their connected devices in a Smart Home ecosystem. Photo: Florian Schuh/dpa (Florian Schuh/)

In addition, you can also ask the assistant Amazon that tells little stories that can be fun for the smallest members of the family and keep them entertained.

In general, the commands alexa They can also help users who have established an ecosystem of smart home to turn on and off smart devices such as light bulbs, plugs, appliances, among other elements connected to a network Wifi.

You can even control smart TVs, either from Amazon or not. You can also hear the radioplay musicset reminders and more.

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