Five free agenda and calendar applications to organize 2023

calendar applications. (photo: Androidphoria)

Infobae has prepared a list with 5 recommendations of Applications of calendars available at Google Play Store Y app store to organize activities, earrings and birthdays.

1.Google Calendar

Probably many Infobae readers are loyal users of the suite of services offered Google. Well Well, this is the ideal calendar app.

It allows you to view the calendar in a month, week or day view and intelligently add events from the emails themselves. gmail.

For example, if an email arrives with a trip scheduled for three weeks from now, the app will automatically add it so you don’t have to worry about it. In addition to Google calendars, you can also synchronize those of Exchange either iCloud.

With this application you can synchronize the meetings of google meetand will be updated on all devices simultaneously.

It also synchronizes with the app Health of iphone so that the user does not miss any detail of their wellness activities. Thanks to Workspace all appointments will be at hand on all devices.

calendar applications.  (photo: App Store)
calendar applications. (photo: App Store)


An application that will allow you to organize your day to day in the most productive way possible. With Fantastical you can synchronize all the calendars regardless of the destination and add events anywhere, with all the details you want.

In addition, if the user decides to subscribe to the premium subscription, it will be possible to have an application that combines a calendar with a things to do this being one of the most complete applications that can be found in the application stores.

Thanks to its color calendar, it will be possible to have the most important appointments on the agenda in a very visual way, as well as the approximate time that each of them can take. It has Weather forecast to see if any of the tasks will have to be suspended or postponed due to weather conditions. You will have to choose how you want to see the calendar, whether by days, months, quarters or years.

calendar applications.  (photo: App Store)
calendar applications. (photo: App Store)

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24me is undoubtedly one of the applications that every user should try at least once in their cell phone. It allows you to manage all events and tasks by combining calendars, tasks and notes from all personal accounts.

It automatically generates the most recurring events, in addition to being able to connect the entire ecosystem with the application (whether Android either iOS). It has reminders so that appointments are not forgotten. And, it also has a function that allows you to view the traffic so that the time it would take the user to reach their destination can be calculated.

calendar applications.  (photo: App Store)
calendar applications. (photo: App Store)

4.Business Calendar

Although the application may seem a bit complicated visually, Business Calendar is a good alternative on this list. The first thing that stands out is that it includes a annual viewsomething that for some people is very necessary, and a color code to indicate how busy a particular day was.

Business Calendar also includes the main features of Google Calendar. Holidays, birthdays, week number, etc. Plus, chores. The app allows you to create a task either for a specific location and with its own alert, so that responsibilities cannot be escaped.

calendar applications.  (photo: App Store)
calendar applications. (photo: App Store)

5. Calendar

Last but not least, it is in the Calendar list. For starters, it not only has a mobile appbut also has a desktop version from its own website; so it will be much easier to always have it at hand to consult it or modify dates. can be synchronized with other applications such as Google Calendar to import dates, birthdays or pending appointments. In addition, it allows you to customize the colors of each activity/task, which makes it much easier to take a quick glance.

It also maintains a list of completed tasks and even has the option of creating a kind of tag to separate tasks by theme and thus better organize.

calendar applications.  (photo: App Store)
calendar applications. (photo: App Store)

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