Five habits that you must have with your cell phone so that it lasts longer

Telephones require periodic maintenance to avoid malfunctioning of their systems. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly (ANDREW KELLY/)

Although in the present manufacturing companies cell phones have a new device release schedule every year, many users are in the habit of taking care of their devices constantly to avoid the need to spend money in repairs or change it because of a bad functioning product of a accident casual due to its constant use.

That is why the company cell phones Vivo generated a list of actions that people can take into account to take even more care of their devices and avoid the expense of money by the users.

Free up device memory regularly

The first of the activities maintenance Y conservation of cell phones is to program a cleaning procedure of the memory of the cell phone constantly to avoid overloading of the data stored in it and slow operation of the device.

Scheduling constant deletion of unused files within a smartphone can help improve its performance.  Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa
Scheduling constant deletion of unused files within a smartphone can help improve its performance. Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa (Sebastian Gollnow/)

One of the options available to clean the memory without deleting data that the user may consider important from the cell phone is to use an additional cloud storage service. Apps like Google Drive Y Dropbox can help storage of various files, while google photos It can serve as storage for photos taken by the cell phone to prevent them from taking up space on the cell phone.

It depends on each person to establish a constant habit of cleaning from the memory of cell phonewhich can be weekly in case the device It is constantly used for the conservation of files, although a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual habit can be created to carry out this maintenance.

Delete the temporary files of each application

Every application has the possibility of generating temporary files within the cell phones just as they are created during the navigation in Internet of people who use desktop computers or laptops. In the case of cell phonesthese can be created automatically after using applications such as browsers Web, gamesmessaging platforms, among others.

This is the new Google Play logo
Some applications generate temporary files on cell phones automatically

Some devices They have a special function dedicated exclusively to removing temporary data or cache that takes up unnecessary space on devices. The fact that these data may have some relevance to facilitate the navigation and the operation of software should also be considered when making the decision to remove these files.

Clean equipment carefully daily

just like any other device electronics, dust is one of the conditions that directly affect the performance of an cell phoneso it is advisable to perform maintenance on the components of the phone to keep them clean and prevent the accumulation of dirt.

Although users can make a cleaning surface of your cell phones using a soft cloth to avoid damaging the screen sensors, from time to time you can generate a thorough cleaning of the device with the assistance of a technical specialist.

A clean cell phone can work faster than one that has not undergone maintenance of this type.  REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
A clean cell phone can work faster than one that has not undergone maintenance of this type. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly (ANDREW KELLY/)

Update the operating system without fail

The operating system update is another consideration to take into account when evaluating the performance of the cell phone. while a software updated has the possibility of increasing the speed of navigation or interaction with the contents of the cell phone, those systems that have not been renewed present limitations that generate a bad performance of the cell phone

A device that is out of date or has no further renewals available on the operating system it can also be vulnerable to cyber attacks especially if the operating system you use has been discontinued by your creator and the shipments of security patches. When you get to this point, it is advisable to buy a new phone that has the possibility of get updated more frequently and stay compatible with operating systems longer.

Put a cover on it at all times

Although at times it may seem like a purchase based on aesthetic preference, phone cases serve an important protective function for the phone. Although some cell phone models include a basic transparent cover, this is not the ideal one to protect the user. device of possible falls.

It is recommended in these cases to use this accessory provisionally until a case with a higher level of protection is chosen.

Tricks to clean the cell phone case.
Some cell phone models include a basic transparent cover, but this is not ideal to protect the device from possible falls. (Photo: Capture)

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