Five Recommended LGBTQ+ Dating Apps

LGBTQ+ apps

Infobae brings a list of the 5 most used applications in the world and that are available in the operating systems iOS Y Android.

On the other hand, the apps that will be shown below are ideal to celebrate Pride Day as well as the exclusive stickers for WhatsApp.

Grindr: one of the most downloaded LGBT+ apps on Google Play and the App Store

Grindr is an app available to this community since 2009. The app is similar to Tinder as it shows profiles of people from another user, and if they match that person, they can start texting each other right then and there.

Grindr.  (photo: REUTERS/Aly Song)
Grindr. (photo: REUTERS/Aly Song) (Aly Song/)

Her: the app that targets LGBTQ+ women

This is the most popular app that focuses on transgender, lesbian, gay, gender non-conforming and non-binary women.

In the profile you can add a lot of information, dfrom pronouns to the diet consumed daily. In addition, this application provides access to a community where you can not only find dates, but also, make friends with similar interests.

Her.  (photo:
Her. (photo:

Surge: The Most Downloaded LGBTQ+ Dating App for Men

Surge is an app focused on homosexual, transgender, bisexual and homosexual men. It is very easy to use, since you just have to like the other person and if that one also feels attraction, then messages can be exchanged. there you can send temporary photos and edit messages.

However, the free version only allows you to give a certain number of likes per day.

Arises.  (photo: Behance)
Arises. (photo: Behance)

Hornet: LGBTQ+ dating and social networking in one app

This app focuses so much on the LGBTQ community and it’s not just a dating app but also works as a social network. You can send messages, search for events, and join groups.

In short, you can find friends, date and create a community. Currently, Hornet is a free application, although it also has a paid version.

(photo: Hornet)
(photo: Hornet)

Scruff: An LGBTQ+ Dating App With An Event Guide

This is one of the easiest to use dating apps on this list. It is aimed at LGBTQ men and its main attraction is view upcoming LGBTQ community events both online and in person.

Scruff is a very complete application in the free version. Although there is also a payment option for more options.

Scruff.  (photo: egoCity)
Scruff. (photo: egoCity)


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