Five tricks to save money when buying video games

8 tips to save when choosing and buying a video game. (photo: Dream Games Colombia)

The video game they are an expensive pleasure. For fans, consoles cost hundreds of dollars. And for each game, you’ll likely spend $ 50- $ 80 from its launch price. With this perspective, it is easy for the monthly salary to be cut considerably in a short time just in the acquisition of gaming products. But, In this note we will teach you some tips that will help you find offers and discounts that you did not know, or services that you might want to try and in this way save money.

By consistently applying these tips, you can save a lot of money each month. With such money set aside, you can explore another hobby (or enjoy it and invest in cryptocurrencies, for example) or buy even more games.

Before you start, remember the classic advice that you definitely know: have patience. Game prices are always subject to discounts or promotions, with notable exceptions such as Nintendo, Activision or Rockstar games.

1. Subscribe to gaming services

In recent years the first Netflix for games, that is, subscription services that give you access to a large catalog of titles at very affordable prices. The best service is Xbox Game Pass, which is available for both consoles Xbox as for PC. For only $ 14.65 per month you have access to all of the games owned by Microsoft, as well as third-party titles such as Control, Destiny 2, The Outer Worlds, Hades, Nier: Automata, Alien: Isolation

In addition, more and more games are available in Xbox Game Pass since its launch. For example, as of October 28, you can already enjoy the expected Age of Empires, Forza Horizon 5 which was launched in November and Halo Infinite in December. Bethesda games like the promising Starfield will also be added from day one.

Second is PlayStation Now, service Sony offering hundreds of PS4, PS3 and PS2 games on demand.

In the meantime, EA and Ubisoft have similar offerings: in the first case, the new EA games were a long time coming (like FIFA 22), while the Ubisoft service put more offer (you can now play the recently launched Far Cry 6).

Game services on PlayStation.  (photo: MyComputer)
Game services on PlayStation. (photo: MyComputer)

2. Promotions for online services

Consoles such as Xbox Series X / S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch have paid online services; If you want to buy games online with friends or strangers, you need to subscribe and pay monthly or annually. While it may not seem like the idea of ​​paying for something that is always free on PC, it might be worth subscribing to these services even if you don’t play much online because of one big problem – they all come with games.

Each month, Playstation plus and Xbox Live Gold They offer free games to their subscribers. There are strong months and weak months, but you already know that all you need to do is unsubscribe for a month and have the title you wait until it appears.

In the case of Nintendo Online, the situation is a bit more specific. If you become a member, you can access the catalog of classic games from NES for SNES available on your Nintendo Switch. And if you pay a little more, you get titles of Nintendo 6 and SEGA MegaDrive. This is not a new or current game, but if you are downgrading this promotion might be worth it.

Video game deals on Nintendo and Xbox.  (photo:
Video game deals on Nintendo and Xbox. (photo:

3. Consult pages specialized in game discounts

Since it is not possible to be aware of all the offers associated with video games, you have 2 pages who are specifically responsible for notifying if a game is on sale:

– IsThereAnyDeal: collects all PC game sales that can be found in dozens of virtual stores like Steam, Epic Games Store and corporate. In case the video game you want is not discounted, you can create an alert to receive email notifications when it is most affordable for your wallet.

– PSPrices: register offers from official stores for consoles Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox. It contains notifications and warnings of the price of a game so that you can calculate when the next sale is more or less.


4. Make the most of 1001 Steam sales

Steam has so many concurrent sales that it deserves a special section. This tip may seem like a stretch, but it isn’t: check out the daily Steam deals.

For example, at the time of writing, the dealer Nacon Games offers a special discount on its racing games. There are also weekday deals, which generally start Monday night and end on Friday morning. Then came the weekend specials.

Lastly, watch out for seasonal sales. Halloween starts October 28, Black friday starts on November 2 and Christmas begins December 22. Please wait for these dates before purchasing games, as the ones you want may be out of stock.

Steam.  (photo: IGN Spain)
Steam. (photo: IGN Spain)

5. Take advantage of game packs

More and more stores offer bundles or game packs. On Steam, for example, are gaining popularity, but the store that won the juicy packs award is Humble Bundle. You pay a near minimal price, and in return you get a ton of games, often from the same dealer or with a similar theme.

For example, at the time of writing, a bundle of 11 interactive strategy games from Paradox is available in the Humble Bundle. This package costs only USD $ 17.54. These games alone can cost $ 274. With the Humble package, you can completely save up to $ 200 on average.

Steam and Humble Bundle are not the only packages. Sometimes, Fanatical invites you to create your own bundle from a limited catalog of games.

Discounts on video games.  (photo:
Packs in video games. (photo:


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