Flights, tickets, lodging… how much will it cost to encourage the ‘Tri’ in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Qatar 2022 could become the most expensive World Cup for Mexican fans. (Infobae / Jovani Pérez)

The countdown to the start of the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup progresses and, while the last details are being fine-tuned in stadiums and hotels in Doha, there are those who are days away from starting to pack to witness one of the greatest experiences among football lovers.

According to the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), what will be the First World Cup in the Middle East more than a million foreign fans will attend, of which it is expected that between 40 thousand or 80 thousand of them are Mexicanaccording to figures from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

However, attending World Cup lands is a luxury that not everyone who likes to support the Mexican National Team can afford, especially when it comes to Qatar, which in itself carries the synonyms “exotic” and “expensive”.

And it is that when doing an analysis of how much it will cost for a Mexican to go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to support the ‘Tri’, he would have to pay close to a million Mexican pesos, which makes it one of the most expensive World Cups in history for fans.

Despite being the most expensive, ironically, it could also be the World Cup that most people attend, remembering that in Russia 2018 there were 44 thousand Mexicans; to Brazil 2014 there were 34 thousand; while that of South Africa 2010 was the one with the lowest attendance with only 15,000 Mexicans.


if a mexican I would like to attend the World Cup in Qatar to experience it from start to finish then the price of a recommended round flight would be $58,295 pesos in a time of 21 hours and 38 minutes, according to the website skyscannerwhich includes all prices, airlines, stopovers, and more details.

Meanwhile, the cheapest flight that contemplates the entire period of the sports fair (November 20 to December 18) It would cost $36,331 pesos with around 32 hours and 6 minutes on board, as well as several stopovers.

For those who can and don’t mind splurging, the fastest and most expensive flight would be around $172,513 pesos, considering a trip of 19 hours and 20 minutes on average.

However, if the fan just wanted to cheer on the National Team during the group stage (until 30 November)the prices would be the following: $45,141 Mexican pesos for the cheapest flight, $51,011 for the recommended flight and $167,855 for the most expensive.

Assuming that the fan goes to Qatar wants to stay until the round of 16 (December 4), then the cheapest flight would cost $43,574 Mexican pesos, followed by the recommended one at $46,579 pesos, until reaching $167,855 pesos for the most expensive.

Brazil vs <a class=Mexico at Samara Arena, Russia – July 2, 2018. Mexico fan enjoying the match. (REUTERS/Dylan Martinez)” height=”1079″ src=”…-how-much-will-it-cost-to-encourage.jpg” width=”1920″ />
Brazil vs Mexico at Samara Arena, Russia – July 2, 2018. Mexico fan enjoying the match. (REUTERS/Dylan Martinez) (REUTERS/)

For the optimists who believe that Mexico can reach the fifth game (December 9)then the prices would drop even more: $42,835 Mexican pesos for the cheapest, $52,638 for the recommended one and $167,855 if you choose to travel in the upper class.

In the event that Gerardo “Tata” Martino’s ‘Tri’ advanced to semifinals (December 14) the round flight would be $48,735 for the cheapest, $52,875 for the average flight and $166,389 for the most expensive.

World Cup Tickets

It would be useless to go to Qatar in that period without a ticket to enjoy even a football match.

According to the Qatari ambassador to Mexico, Mohammed Al Kuwari, Mexico occupies the fifth position of the largest number of packages sold only behind the host country, United States, Saudi Arabia and England.

The prices recorded by Grupo Mundomex, designated exclusive commercial agent in Mexico by the Mexican Federation of Football Association (FMF), offers various packages with the advantage that all of them include lodging, transportation to matches and travel insurance.

The simplest single pack, a match for Mexico in the group stage plus an additional game, it is around 15,542 dollars ($310,483 Mexican pesos), while the most expensive shoots up to 17,162 dollars ($342,846 Mexican pesos).

Another package includes two matches of the National Team in group stage plus two additional games goes from 23,538 dollars ($470,220 pesos) to 26,778 dollars (534,946 pesos).

Another of the combos that are offered is that of the three group stage matches of the “Tri” and three additional games, whose price is 31,562 dollars ($630,516 pesos).

In the event that Mexico reaches the round of 16, the package prices of the first four games of the tricolor squad and four additional games rise to 41,693 dollars ($832,904 pesos) up to 48,578 dollars ($970,447 pesos).

Meanwhile, the package a semi-final match and the final match They have three prices: 21,139 dollars ($422,295 pesos); 31,419 dollars ($627,660 pesos); and 36,279 dollars ($724,748 pesos).

Prices to attend two semi-finals and the final match would be: 23,675 dollars ($472,957 pesos) the cheapest, followed by 36,255 dollars ($724,269 pesos) and up to 41,115 dollars (821,358 pesos).

In case of buying the tickets directly from the FIFA page, which does not include travel or lodging or any other benefitthe Mexicans would have to pay between $1,412 and $4,502 pesos per game for the group stage, that is, if they wanted to be part of the “Tri” performance in the three games they would have to pay between $4,236 pesos to $13,506 Mexican pesos.

Meanwhile, for the round of 16, the costs range from $1,694 pesos to $5,628; for the quarterfinals they are located at $4,216 to $8,698; for the semifinals they would have to spend from $7,306 to $19,545 pesos; while for the final the price ranges from $12,382 pesos to $87,289 pesos.


General view of the Torch Hotel in Khalifa sports City ahead of the World Cup, October 5, 2022. (REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed)
General view of the Torch Hotel in Khalifa sports City before the World Cup, October 5, 2022. (REUTERS / Hamad I Mohammed) (HAMAD I MOHAMMED /)

Although those who buy their ticket by package would have this aspect fixed, others who came to buy their passes for the World Cup with FIFA they might not have a place to resthowever there are several options and one of them is even free.

According to the hosting platform AirBNB, a single room in the city of Doha would cost from $1,600 pesos per night for the cheapest option to $8,200 pesos for the most expensive; while renting an apartment would cost between $12,000 pesos per night, the cheapest option, up to $35,000 pesos, the most expensive.

Meanwhile, lodging in a 3 or 4 star hotel would cost just over a thousand pesos a night.

On the other hand, the free option It would be the Host a Fan system implemented by the Qatari government, which consists of a foreign visitor being selected to stay free of charge in a local family’s house, however, the registration period has come to an end.

Also, in the port of Doha there will be three cruises that will be able to accommodate 13,000 people for rates that range between $3,595 and $15,981 pesos per night.

Likewise, for $7,990 pesos a night, fans could stay in traditional shops but luxurious on the banks of the Al Khor stadium.


Regarding the food, it will depend on whether where you stay the fan is offered breakfast, lunch or dinner, although you could also opt for a restaurant, fast food for less than 100 pesos or street food stalls. Per day, the average cost would be 500 pesos per person.


If you are traveling to Qatar between November 1, 2022 and January 23, 2023, you will need to have a Hayya card approved to enter the country, as visas are not currently being issued, however, having this card will allow you to access public transport for free between November 10 to December 23.

More expensive than Russia 2018

Mexican fans celebrate after the Group F match between Mexico and Sweden at the 2018 Soccer World Cup at the Yekaterinburg Arena in Yekaterinburg, Russia, Wednesday, June 27, 2018. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)
Mexican fans celebrate after the Group F match between Mexico and Sweden at the 2018 Soccer World Cup at the Yekaterinburg Arena in Yekaterinburg, Russia, Wednesday, June 27, 2018. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia) (AP/)

Thus, a Mexican who wants to go and support the National Team during the group stage and who only has to spend on the plane ticket and the tickets for the matches he would have to spend a minimum of 675 thousand pesos and a maximum of $798,371 pesos.

In another scenario, a person who wants to support the Mexican club during the group stage but who does not have a package with guaranteed accommodation could pay at least 97 thousand pesoswhile in one of the most luxurious cases you would have to pay around 811 thousand pesos and even more than a million pesos.

With this, the Qatar World Cup would be one of the most expensive for Mexican fans, with the possibility of surpassing the 2018 World Cup in Russia, when the Visa company calculated that the 44 thousand compatriots generated an economic spill of around 22 million 601 A thousand pesos.



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