Flor Amargo dances in the Barcelona metro and is criticized

In a recent TikTok video from Monday, December 11, Flor Amargo was shown dancing in the subway of the Spanish city while a musician, behind her, performed the song Carnavalito, on a flute.
“It made me want to dance in the Barcelona Metro,” wrote the Mexican.

In the clip you could see the artist take her best dance steps, spin around and feel the music like no one else, while some people passing by her approached to give her a coin.

The video quickly became very popular on the social network and managed to accumulate more than 400 thousand views in just 24 hours. Likewise, many users and followers of Flor commented and showed their admiration for her way of “enjoying life.”

However, not all the comments were this friendly, since as has been a constant in Amargo’s career, many Internet users were quick to criticize her and say that she was only seeking attention.

“You gave us Bunbury, we sent you Flor Amargo, Spain is close at hand!”, “that’s why it’s important to hug your children,” “try to take the spotlight off the musician,” were some of the negative comments.