Florida extended the state of emergency to the entire territory due to the passage of Storm Ian, which could become a hurricane

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, extended the emergency due to the passage of Storm Ian (MARCO BELLO/)

Florida braces for storm Ian which is why the governor Ron DeSantis extended this Saturday the state of emergency to the entire territory. The tropical storm is expected to hit the coast of the state, already upgraded to a major hurricane.

DeSantis issued a statement explaining the threat posed by the storm – which could reach the territory with Category 3– adding that it “requires timely precautions to be taken to protect Florida’s communities, infrastructure and general welfare.”

The measure was already in force since Friday in 24 of the 67 counties and, now, it has been extended to the entire state.. Thanks to this expansion, “important resources and support will be made available, as well as freeing up sources of funding for emergency protection measures,” the Governor reported. He also said that “members of the Florida National Guard will be activated and awaiting orders.”

In addition to the US coasts, on the forecast track the storm is also expected to hit Cuba, southwestern Jamaica and pass near the Cayman Islands.

The latest weather report National Hurricane Center (NHC) at 5:00 PM EDT reported that Ian’s passage is expected to cause heavy rains, floods and landslides particularly in Jamaica and Cuba. It is also expected that, when making landfall in Cuba, it will already have a category 3 for what it would bring hurricane force winds.

For the Grand Cayman, the alert applies mainly from the early hours of Monday due to a hurricane or possible tropical storm.

Hurricane Ian Weather Report - NHC 09.24.22 5:00PM EDT
Hurricane Ian Weather Report – NHC 09.24.22 5:00PM EDT

Furthermore, they are expected possible flooding, rain and strong winds for Florida, from Monday. Thanks to a slight detour to the west The Keys and a part of the metropolitan area of ​​Miami-Dade and Broward counties were temporarily ruled out although from the NHC they do not rule out that the situation changes and remain alert to the trajectory it could take in the next 72 hours.

For this reason, they warn residents to abide by the provisions and recommendations issued by the Government, closely follow weather updates and make sure they have what is necessary in case they need to activate the anti-hurricane protocol. Until now no evacuations have been ordered in any county.

“People might think that because they’re not inside the cone, they’re out of the woods, and that thinking is wrong. Residents of the southern peninsula have to remain vigilant,” said Jamie Rhone, director of the NHC. The New Herald.

As a result of this, Florida supermarkets and pharmacies were filled with people looking to stock up on water, food and basic necessities which might come in handy should you have to remain confined by Ian’s passage.

Users did not take long to show on social networks the Long lines that were generated and the tense climate that was lived in the premises. Also, they have already begun to occur missing many products and the empty gondolas they flooded some supermarkets, where only the most expensive items remained.

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