Florida’s bravest girl video: she defended her mother during a violent assault

Journee Nelson, a nine-year-old girl, was decorated by the West Palm Beach Police, Florida, this for the heroic act he performed at defend your mother during a violent robbery, since the little girl decided to face “hand to hand” to a thief that he physically assaulted Mrs. Nelson to seize her belongings.

According to the version of the local police, on November 2, both women returned to their vehicle after buying groceries at the supermarket and just as they were about to board the truck, the alleged thief jumped into action to strip Journee’s mother of her bags.

The attempted robbery was caught on a surveillance camera. The images disseminated on social networks show a man dressed in a gray sweatshirt, black shorts and sports shoes who makes sure that no one is watching him and, after feeling free to attack, he pounced on Mrs. Nelson.

They decorated the girl who confronted the thief who attacked her mother (Photo: <a class=Twitter / @WestPalmPD)” height=”1536″ src=”https://www.infobae.com/new-resizer/2V1aF-3HDS34xPwtwyhOcoWcxek=/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/infobae/VAKQDHHPOJFRROGCBYJIMLBIGU.jpg” width=”2048″ />
They decorated the girl who confronted the thief who attacked her mother (Photo: Twitter / @WestPalmPD)

“We walked out of the store and then I looked at him a bit and then I looked back at the car and opened the door. And so, The next thing I knew, I saw him running to my mom“Said little Journee for the show Fox & Friends Weekend.

On his own, the victim said that when he was loading the groceries, the now detainee rushed in his direction. Then he threw her on the floor to struggle with her to get her purse from her. In addition to this, it was reported that there was an alleged firearm threat, because the assailant threatened to shoot the woman while looking for something in her waist.

In the heat of the fight, the young woman Journee Nelson did not think twice and pounced on the attacker. In the video, you can clearly see how the girl reacted in a few seconds and pounced on the thief, who was hit by a series of blows to the head.

They decorated the girl who confronted the thief who attacked her mother (Photo: Twitter / @WestPalmPD)

When meeting resistance, the thief fled the place in an unknown direction. The girl ran in search of him but the suspect was faster; However, after investigations by the local police, the aggressor was identified as Demetrius Jackson, who was detained by the authorities on November 4 to be charged with robbery and assault.

On your own, little Journee was decorated by the West Palm Beach police for her performance in the situation that happened, where her speed and courage helped her mother.

Through social networks, the police department broadcast the ceremony of recognition to the minor, who answered the call accompanied by her family. Also, you can see the photos in which receive a medal and a diploma by local authorities.

They decorated the girl who confronted the thief who attacked her mother (Photo: Twitter / @WestPalmPD)
They decorated the girl who confronted the thief who attacked her mother (Photo: Twitter / @WestPalmPD)

“Chief Adderley today honored a 9-year-old girl for her bravery as she ran to her mother’s defense to defend herself from a brazen thief. In this case an arrest was quickly made. The West Palm Beach Police Foundation presented the boy with a token of appreciationThe West Palm Beach Police Station posted.

Frank Adderley, the head of the department, told a local media that although what the girl did is applaudable, he does not recommend that the victims confront the criminals.

“I wouldn’t recommend that you face such a person, but things happen in the heat of the moment. I bet he was shocked when she kicked him in the face because he could definitely tell in the video that he wasn’t expecting that, and his actions were the perfect timing in this particular situation, and I think she hit him pretty hard, ”the officer acknowledged.


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