Florinda Meza shares unpublished photos of her youth, today she turns 74

Florinda Meza turns 74 today and as always, his love, the late producer and actor Roberto Gomez Bolanosis in your thoughts, so he shared it with his fansbecause he posted a couple of unpublished photos from when he was young, and she remembered how her Rober pimped her.

chespirito died in 2014 at the age of 85, since then, Florinda has taken care to keep his memory alive, be it with their characters and creations for television, as well as with memories of life that they built as a couple.

In social networks, Florinda calls “love of my life” to the comedian and usually posts photographic memories from when they were a couple confessing how much she misses him:

“I would like to go back in time… but not to change anything, just to be with you again even for a minute, see me again in your gaze, laugh together, dream of everything we dreamed of, create what we imagined. An instant that was eternal. as eternal you are now I love you. #Chespiritoesnuestro #teamo #labonitavecindadvirtual”, read a message that he dedicated to her in 2020.

Florinda Meza shows off her charms

Florinda Meza remembers what for Roberto Gomez Bolanosshe was the most beautiful woman in the worldand wonders what he would say today if he saw her at 74 years of age. That question was asked when sharing a couple of photos from years ago in which he looks young; in one of the snapshots wear an animal print bodysuit.

This was me, a few yesterdays ago. My Rober always told me that I she was the most beautiful woman in the world. I would like to know what you would think when you see me now, on my 74th birthday. my loved ones the pretty virtual neighborhoodWhat do you think he would tell me? I read them…”, wrote the actress, unforgettable for her character Doña Florinda in “El chavo del 8”.

In a second photo, Florinda wears a champagne-colored outfit that combines with a fancy hat.

fans of the actress they flattered her beauty and they dedicated messages to him congratulations and praise.

“Mrs. Florinda: As the years go by, we are giving way to the greatest beauty, that of the soul. Do not worry about the physical appearance, see in detail how much you have contributed to the happiness of all of us, eternal devotees of his histrionics and the beautiful aura that she owns,” wrote one user.

In a recent interview with Adela Micha, Florinda Meza told who underwent surgery aesthetics in 2005, which he regretted because he assures that they left him the smallest eyessince then, he assures, he swore never again in his life.

Florinda stays in shape thanks to who has always carried a healthy life, without alcohol, cigarettes or any other viceFurthermore, he admits that he has always had a complexion cared for by genetics.

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