“For ever”: Antonela Roccuzzo’s birthday photos

Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi, Cecs Fàbregas and Daniella Semaan, and Luis Suárez and Sofía Balbi (@antonelaroccuzzo)

His years in Barcelona allowed him to Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo forge friendships that emerged within the Catalan club that they maintain to this day. Cases of Cecs Fabregas, Sergio Busquets and Luis Suarez They led their partners to generate a strong bond with Leo’s partner, to the point that this Sunday he celebrated his birthday in a group and on a beautiful day, as can be seen in the photos published by the protagonists.

First it was the captain of the Argentine team who greeted his wife with a romantic message on his social networks in which he also added three photos together and one with his children, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. Later it was Antonella’s turn, who also posted images on her Instagram account and also expressed her wish that her friendships be preserved forever.

In a sunny climate in a winter that begins to say goodbye in Europe, the meeting with friends was at the Messi house in Barcelona. It could materialize thanks to the fact that La Pulga played this Saturday in the PSG victory (3-1) against Saint Etienne for date 26 of Ligue 1, a contest that the cast of the French capital comfortably leads. As long as Luis Suarez he did the same in the victory (2-0) of Atlético Madrid against Celta de Vigo for matchday 26 of the Spanish La Liga.

Birthday of Antonella Roccuzzo
Elena Galera, Daniella Semaan, Antonela Roccuzzo and Sofia Balbi (@antonelaroccuzzo)

In the first photo that Antonela posted, she is with Leo, together with Cesc Fabregas and Lucho Suarez and their partners, Daniella Semaan and Sofia Balbi, respectively. Fàbregas, who knows La Pulga from the lower divisions of Barcelona, ​​is a current player for Monaco, who lost this Sunday (1-2), but the Spanish midfielder did not play.

In another published image is the birthday girl next to Balbi, Semaan and Elena Galerathe woman from Sergio Busquetswho does not appear in any of the photos because this Sunday he was a starter in the game of Barcelona in view of Athletic Bilbao. “What I adore these women. Thank you for being with me in all and always, “wrote Antonela.

Then there was another one that Messi uploaded in an Instagram story in which he is with Fàbregas, Suárez and other friends. Messi misses his days in the Catalan capital, where he spent unforgettable moments and in which his children lived their first years.

Leo Messi and friends
Leo Messi, Fàbregas, Suárez and other relatives (@leomessi)

They were at the party Pepe Costa, Messi’s historical assistant and relatives of his family. Antonela prepared the event in which her best friends were present and also rented a lunch service and inflatables for the little ones, and for this she traveled to Barcelona during the week with her children and spent a few days at the Messi couple’s house in Casteldefels .

Antonela’s birthday served so that she and Leo could reunite with their great friends and relive unforgettable moments when the footballers shared the squad of the culé team and in which they won everything in the most glorious era of the Barça club in which today only Busquets continues .

After the event, the Messi family will return to Paris so that La Pulga resumes training with his team, since next Saturday he will play away against Nice for date 27 of Ligue 1. In addition, he must prepare the return match for the round of 16 of the Champions League against Real Madrid, on Wednesday, March 9. In the first leg the French won 1-0.


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