Former members of Fresas con Crema remember their relationship with “Coco” Levy

German Bernal and Daniela Leites, who were part of the Strawberries with Cream youth vocal group, spoke about the almost family relationship they had with Coco Levy and her relatives.

“Talina Fernández is like a mother to me and Coco like a half brother,” said Daniela.

Coco Levy was accused last week by Danna Ponce before the Specialized Prosecutor for Sex Crimes in Mexico City for the alleged crime of sexual abuse.

Levy defended himself through a video in which he assures that he has never physically assaulted a woman and that all he did was give them advice to excel in the film industry.

Videocine, however, fired Coco Levy from the company, in which he allegedly carried out the abuses of which he is accused.

Daniela Leites, however, says that she has preferred not to investigate or comment on the subject.

“I’m not going to gossip; Mariana (Levy, Coco’s sister) was our sister. Talina (their mother) is like a mother to me. Coco and Pato are like my half brothers. My mother and Talina were best friends , they lived the pregnancies together, “said Daniela.

“Honestly I don’t know the story nor am I going to look for it because I’m not interested”

For his part, Germán stated: “Everyone should speak for themselves, the most important thing is respect from one side and the other, and we have to work for that and that will make us a stronger society.”

Both agreed that one of the most affected by the scandal is Talina Fernández, mother of Coco Levy.

“Talina is a super strong woman because she has had a really bad time and the truth is that I know she is a strong woman who will live things as she should live them”