Fortune of Snoop Dogg and Super Bowl LVI Halftime Stars

This February 13 the biggest stage in the worldthe Super Bowl LVI Halftime, will be conquered by legends rap and hip hop with the promise of making history among all the best shows already in existence.

As is known, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blinge will be in charge of entertaining the match between the Cincinnati Bengals Y Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

These five stars caused a stir when the first details of their halftime show and, both in social networks and in the main media, they began to comment on their careers, successes and to remember why they are some of the most important exponents and wealthy from the music industry in the genres of rap and hip-hop

Although it is in the public domain that the stars dominated the top of the popularity charts in the 90s and 2000s mainly worldwide and that they got rich with their songs and alternative businesses, few know the size of their respective fortunes Until now.

That is why here we bring you the breakdown of their million dollar bank accounts. Read on for more details.

Snoop Dogg Fortune

The celebrity recently stated that he is making his dream come true by reaching the Super Bowl LVI in the company of his friends. While it is unknown how much money she will be able to generate from such an event, it is believed that her current earnings will multiply with the hits you sing, an effect similar to that experienced by all artists of the show in years past.

The rapper, songwriter, producer, television personality, businessman and actr has a net worth of $157 million dollars. Per year it is estimated that he receives salaries ranging from $10 million to $17 million, depending on Celebrity Net Worth..

His fortune has been built with commercial sponsorshipsthrough his own television shows, as an adult film producer, company founder Snoop Dogg Board Companyclothing collections and much more.

Although he enjoys a good bank account, compared to other rappers with the same success, Snoop Dogg It doesn’t have big mansions, but it does have an exotic collection of cars.

Eminem’s Fortune

The rapper, producer and actor has a fortune valued at $230 million dollars. He is one of the highest paid artists of his genre in the world with an annual income of approximately $20 million dollars.

When you are on tour or promoting an album your salary increases up to $50 million, says Celebrity Net Worth.

His millionaire value has been obtained with a long trajectoryin addition to achievements such as the sale 170 million albums worldwide, by becoming one of the 10 best-selling artists of all time, and with the collection of $ 400 million in his entire career.

Dr. Dre’s Fortune

If the fortune of Snoop Dogg and Eminem seem exorbitant, Dr. Dre doubles them without much problem. And it is that the rapper, businessman and producer has a net worth of at least $500 million dollars.

His fortune has been obtained in more than three decades of musical career and in Business projects. In the middle of his divorce from his wife in 2021, Dre testified that he drove assets worth $450 million and $500 million, annual revenues of $230,000, and had sold $73 million worth of shares of Manzanaalso has a $182.7 million checking account$6 million in stock and $270 million in personal property.

Dre was in charge of promoting the careers of other talents such as Eminem, Mary J Blinge Y 50cent. Also, she immersed herself in the philanthropy with millionaire donations to art, technology and business schools.

For over 20 years he has owned a luxurious house in Malibu of $5 million and has been investing in similar properties of up to $15 million.

Mary J. Blinge’s Fortune

Among all his companions on stage, MJB is the one who has a less ostentatious fortune, but you’ve built from a undisputed talent, fame, charisma and global success.

in his mmultifaceted career as an American singer, songwriter and producer, Mary J Blinge has added a heritage of $20 million dollarspoints Celebrity Net Worth, He has also obtained titles as an icon of the world music industry and popular culture. and one of the 100 greatest women in music.

The singer has graced the big screens with hits like Rock of Ages, Betty and Coretta Y mudbound; In fact, these productions have given her the honor of being nominated for golden-globe as best supporting actressfor the Critic’s Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress alreadyl Academy Award for best supporting actress.

He has his own record label and multiple contracts with brands like Coke, AT&T, Manzana, Burger King, Chevy, air jordan, reebok Y Pepsi.

Kendrick Lamar’s fortune

Lamar is one of the rappers, songwriters and producers most influential of the American music industry.

According to estimates of Wealth Gorilla, has a fortune valued at $75 million dollars and annual salaries exceeding $60 million, making him one of the highest-paid rappers in the world.

During his career, beyond money, Lamar has obtained endless recognition as thirteen Grammys, has appeared on the list Time 100 most influential people and his album damn he won Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2018.