Four activists were arrested in London after painting the Ukrainian flag in front of the Russian Embassy

The British authorities have arrested this Thursday four political activists of the collective Led by Donkeys (Led by donkeys, in Spanish) after painting a huge Ukrainian flag on the asphalt in front of the Russian Embassy in London.

As confirmed by the group itself on its official Twitter profile, the initiative was intended to commemorate the anniversary of the outbreak of the war on the eve and send a message to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

“Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the invasion Putin’s imperialist regime to Ukraine (…) Contrary to what the Russian dictator and his apologists claim, Ukraine is an independent state and a people with every right to self-determination”, they have highlighted from Led by Donkeys.

For its part, the London Metropolitan Police has also reported in its official profile of the aforementioned social network that the political ‘performance’ has resulted in four detainees accused of “criminal damage and obstruction of the highway” and who are still in the custody of the authorities.

Activists a huge Ukrainian flag on the asphalt in front of the Russian Embassy in London (Twitter @SlavaUk30722777)

Dozens of protesters gathered in London on Wednesday outside the Russian embassy in the United Kingdom to condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and censure the tactics of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Waving the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag, the attendees, mostly Ukrainians but also from Georgia and Belarus, called Putin “terrorist” and asked to “get your hands off” of Ukraine.

“Let’s say ‘no’ to Putin,” they clamored, asking the Russian leader “not to kill” the former Soviet republic. In view of the escalation of hostilities, more demonstrations are planned in the coming days, including a protest tomorrow, Thursday, before the headquarters of the British Government in Downing Street and on Saturday again before the embassy, ​​indicate the activists on Twitter.

Putin increased the tension in recent days with the threat to send troops to pro-Russian breakaway republics from eastern Ukraine Donetsk and Lugansk, whose independence the Kremlin has recognized in a challenge to kyiv. In response, the NATO powers and the European Union imposed sanctions against Moscow, including Germany’s halting the certification of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, has convened an emergency summit of EU heads of state and government for tomorrow, Thursday, following the entry into force of punitive measures that include a ban on senior Russian officials from entering the EU. , limits on Moscow’s access to European financial markets and a trade embargo on Donetsk and Lugansk.

Despite the sanctions, Russia says it remains open to dialoguealthough he maintains his opposition to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) expanding into eastern Europe and ending up accepting Ukraine as a member.

(With information from EP and EFE)

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