France studies implementing a parental control device and age certification for pornographic sites

France studies implementing a device for parental control and age verification for pornographic sites (DPA) (Arne Dedert /)

France debate imposing a age certification device and parental control Over the porn sites to achieve, thus, block access of minors old to these pages.

“Our children face brutal attacks on their innocence and privacy online. Given this, we act: generalization of parental control, age verification, internet passport from the 6th, parental awareness,” the delegate minister for digital issues announced on his Twitter account on Tuesday. Jean-Noël Barrot.

With this measure, the country is on its way to becoming a the first in the world to take action on this problem. “France will shortly be the first country in the world to impose parental control by definition on all devices marketed in its territory,” added the government official during his presentation in Parliament, adding that “the application decree was validated by the European Comission and will be reviewed shortly by the council of state”.

Jean-Noël Barrot's tweet
Jean-Noël Barrot’s tweet

This measure seeks to protect minors online who, until now, the only barrier they have encountered to access these sites is to voluntarily enter their age or check a box in which they claim to be adults.

That is why, if this project is implemented, these pages should “seriously” control the age of its users“low grief to see your broadcast prohibited in the national territory”, continued Barrot. A solution will be implemented “at the end of the year”, they confirmed from his office.

The plan proposes that in order to access a pornography site, the Internet user must -previously- obtain a “digital certificate” through an application. This will have your personal data and “it will work a bit like the control requested by the bank when you make an online purchase, except that this majority certificate will be anonymous,” Barrot explained.

During 2022 the industry fell 16% in the number of shipments compared to the previous year.
To access these sites, users must prove their age of majority by means of a digital certificate

According to the Government of France, access to pornography by children is a real problem facing society. A survey of opinionwaywhich dates from April 2018, ensures that for 12 years they are old one in three young people who have been exposed to this content. On the other hand, the same survey revealed that the 62% of adolescents have seen their first pornographic images before entering high school -which translates into an approximate age of 15 years or less-.

Meanwhile, more than 82% of minors have been exposed to pornographic contenteven unintentionally. In this sense, the site explains that the illegal streaming and gaming sites are great sources of these images so it is very likely that a child watching cartoons or playing games online will see pornographic advertising through banner ads or pop-up windows.

To this is added that, nowadays, children live immersed in a digital world, which is why 2/3 of young people have their own smartphone, the main means of consuming pornography.

Illustrative image of a child on a computer.  (photo: The Popular)
By the age of 12 there are already one in three young people who have been exposed to pornography (El Popular)

The latest data exposed by the survey showed that 44% who have had sexual relations claim to have tried to reproduce scenes or practices seen in these films or videos.

In line with the French Executive, the British Parliament It is also considering implementing a similar measure by which Internet sites must include reliable technology that allows users to verify their age.

For their part, as of January 1, users who interact from LouisianaUnited States, must enter their identity data, at least on sites considered to have harmful content.

The only debate against that has been presented so far is around the protection of personal data and confidentiality.

(With information from AFP)

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