Free Fire: rewards codes for this November 11

Free Fire is a successful Battle Royale (Photo: Free Fire)

The successful Free Fire video game, launched new codes this November 11th, so that users get various rewards while playing their regular game. The popular Battle royale from Garena, continuously rewards its users with codes so that they continue to use its platform.

In such a way, this Thursday the players of Free fire located in Mexico, Brazil, Europe and the United States, can be made of various gifts with the following codes:























free fire
Free Fire is a video game (Photo: Free Fire)

Most of the codes published by Free Fire They contain random rewards that can be valuable items such as diamonds, gold coins, tokens, new skins, and skins, among others.

It should be remembered that the availability of the codes may vary depending on when they are entered in the game. In some cases, they are valid throughout the day, while others are only valid for a few hours.

Others codes available With redeemable weapon, character and diamond packs that are one-time per player for Free Fire and Free Fire Max, from the Vandal site, they are:





















free fire
Rewards for Free Fire (Photo: Free Fire)

How to redeem codes:

Redeem codes free rewards in Free Fire requires a very simple process. Every 24 hours, the developers publish a list where codes can be received at no additional cost. It should be noted that these will remain linked to the Garena Free Fire ID.

1. To get started, click this link to access the official rewards portal, the Rewards Redemption Page.

2. Now log in with the Free Fire account of your chosen option: Facebook, VK, Google, Huwaei, Apple or Twitter.

3. Enter the twelve (12) digit code in the field provided (make sure some numbers are not confused with letters) and confirm.

4. Once the code you have chosen has been confirmed, wait for it to appear in your account.

free fire
Rewards are available for a few hours (Photo: Free Fire)

At the end of the process, you will see a confirmation message within 30 minutes – don’t despair if you don’t see it right away. These codes are valid for 24 hours from the moment they are published, so you have a very small margin to not run out of them.

However, there is an alternative to winning free diamonds in the game. The idea is to use other applications with which you can get free cards from Google Play, Bitcoins and even Amazon. In addition, in exchange for performing different actions, you can obtain virtual money with which you can access these coins and use them in the application. It is a legal method since they have the support of these important companies.

For example, you can do online activities such as completing surveys, downloading a game, testing apps, among others. For instance, platforms like Gamehag or Google Opinion Rewards They offer you credits for collaborating with them.

Finally there is the option by completing missions: To put this strategy into practice, the same video game makes available to the players missions that can be completed, with this, you will get how to reward a number of diamonds for free. As it is rare to see them, so be careful when they are enabled for players although they have a duration, they are not permanent.

In colombia

Due to the success of the video game, the most downloaded in Latin America during the last 3 years and the most important Battle Royale in the world, that is, one of the most positioned in the modality that involves a large number of users playing in real time, announced in Colombia an alliance to present a drink related to the game.

In an alliance with Garena, the developers of the renowned video game, the company Bavaria presented Pony Malta Free Fire with which users will have access to different tools, allowing them to grow and improve their skills as gamers.

Each of the bottles of the traditional flavor will have a label inspired by the video game, with which consumers will be able to access gift codes to redeem diamonds, skins, characters, emotes in Free Fire.


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