Free ways to take advantage of Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence

Google’s artificial intelligence, Bard, is already open to the public in 180 countries and offers the possibility of generating content that goes beyond asking you for a text or recommendations on certain topics.

This has free options to request programming codes, analyze websites or link with other applications to do a unified job.

Here are seven ways in which you can take advantage of this platform without spending any money, considering that at the moment it is only available in English, Japanese and Korean.

free plugins
Unlike ChatGPT, the Google platform has the ability to link with other applications thanks to plugins, which are accessories that allow this process to be carried out.

In this way it is possible to create an appointment to add it to the calendar, add music to a playlist or look for a job.

read images
Searching through images has become an interesting solution when this medium becomes the best alternative to describe a query.

For example, Bard will have the ability to know the breed of a dog if the photo of the animal is shown and from there generate related content.

Internet access
Bard is continuously connected to the internet, this allows obtaining information in real time on different topics. For example, asking the price of the dollar in a country, the match schedule for a specific day or the latest news.

It is possible to ask artificial intelligence to develop a programming code, giving it specific instructions.

The goal is for this tool to have up to 20 programming languages ​​in the future.

Help with SEO
In case of having a web page, Bard has the ability to do an analysis of how SEO is being implemented on the site.

By doing so, it will deliver a report of the keywords and possible optimizations.
Also, you can be specifically asked to say what SEO errors the page has and provide recommendations to correct them.

Search with keywords
This point also serves to position the SEO of a page, because the platform can be asked for real-time data on search results, trends and the Google Ads keyword planner.

They are useful tools for those who work in that area.

export answers
The platform allows the generated results to be taken to Docs, Gmail or Google Collab, if it is a programming code.

This can be done by clicking on the export icon at the bottom and choosing one of the options.

How to request access to Bard
This artificial intelligence is developed with PaLM 2, Google’s new language model that supports 100 languages, but currently it is only possible to interact in English, Japanese and Korean.

This conditions the text to be entered because being in a browser it is possible to enable the translator and see the content generated in Spanish or any other language.

To access this platform, the application process is as follows:

In the browser go to

  1. Sign in with a Google account.
  2. A start tab will open and there you must click on the Try Bard button.
  3. A text will appear to accept terms and conditions. After reading them you will have to accept them.
  4. A warning will come out saying that Bard is an experiment, so it is prone to errors. After accepting that notice, the platform will be enabled.