French tourist discovers exceptional 7-carat diamond in US park

After seven hours of searching in the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas, Julien Navas found a chocolate-colored gemstone. It is a rare diamond, part of which he will use to make the wedding ring for his future wife.

Julien Navas, 42 years old and originally from Paris, France, made a discovery as rare as it was exceptional during his stay in the United States. As of early January, it is a 7.46-carat diamond.

But the fascinating thing about the discovery is that It is the eighth largest diamond discovered in the Crater of Diamonds, a park located in Arkansasaccording to their website.

However, the discovery was fortuitous, since Julien Navas, who is the father of a 3-year-old girl, visited the United States with the purpose of attending the Vulcan Centaur rocket launch in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Thus, this amateur gold seeker and excavation enthusiast, He heard about the Crater of Diamonds and jumped at the chance to dig one up for his future wife.However, his surprise was enormous when he found something unexpected.

After 1,500 kilometers by car and two days of travel, Julien Navas finally arrives at the park, an ancient volcano that erupted 90 million years ago and where the magma brought thousands of diamonds to the surface.

The man, hoping to find something, began to dig and for a moment decided to explore outside the crater, that was when, After three hours of walking, he found a small stone that appears to him to be “chocolate-colored quartz” with an exceptional shine.

When he showed it to an explorer who was with him, he confirmed that it was indeed a diamond.

Thus, after a long process to be allowed to leave the park with a certificate, The man now boasts of having a unique jewel with which he will make his future wife’s engagement ring.

With the certification, Julien can now cut his precious stone and says he would like to use part of it to give a jewel to his daughter.

You also do not know the value of your diamond, it will depend on possible fractures or impurities observed by the cutter, but also on the purity and final color.

The Carine diamond, as Navas named it after his fiancée, is the fifth diamond recorded at Crater of Diamonds State Park in 2024. It is the largest diamond recorded at the park since 2020.