Frida Sofía hinted at Alejandra Guzmán and ruled out reconciliation

  • Everything indicates that the rocker’s daughter does not want to see her again after Alejandra revealed that Frida has hit her

Alejandra Guzmán recently gave an interview to Pati Chapoy, in which she narrated hard moments in her life and career; In her emotional talk, the rocker recalled the multiple health vicissitudes that she has overcome over the years, in addition to the serious addiction problems that she has suffered.

The singer of ¡Hey Güera! He shocked the owner of Ventaneando by talking about her estrangement from Frida Sofía, her only daughter, whom he has not seen in about four years.

And recently the 55-year-old star released a new musical single called Milagros, in which she reflects on the distance that exists between her and the daughter she had in the early 90s with Pablo Moctezuma.

“This August 3, a very special song is born for me. Because it is the first time that I talk about a topic that comes out of a place that I had very much saved and I think it is good to be able to transform that pain into a song, it is something beautiful. “On a sign, one that I send with all the love in my heart,” the singer-songwriter said about the release.

In the emotional ballad, Alejandra says verbatim that “I always think about you, I am your mother and no one is going to change that,” but it seems that said message has not had a positive impact on the 31-year-old influencer.

A week after the rocker released the melancholic single, Frida Sofía was questioned by the program Despierta America about the song that her mother dedicated to her, then the young businesswoman confirmed that she had heard it, but did not go much deeper into the matter.

“Yes, she is very pretty, I can identify with her a little because, you know, I’m not fighting with the demons of the past either.” Although Silvia Pinal’s granddaughter did not reveal whether the issue could lead to a reconciliation between mother and daughter, she did send blessings to Guzmán. “And as the song says, also many blessings,” she said in reference to the single.

In the TV Azteca show, Alejandra spoke about the disorder that Frida Sofía suffers from, which is border personality. She also revealed that on different occasions he physically attacked her. After the interview was broadcast, Michelle Salas’ cousin reappeared on her Instagram account with several messages and many assured that they are a veiled response to her mother.