Frida Sofía is not far behind and also sends a message to Michelle Salas

Frida Sofía demonstrates at Michelle Salas’ wedding.

Frida Sofía did not sit idly by and this is how she reacted to the wedding of her cousin, Michelle Salas.

Details of the impressive wedding that Michelle Salas had with Danilo Díaz Granado in the historic and spectacular estate ‘Il Borro’in Tuscany, Italywhere Micky arrived with his girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas by helicopter, he seemed moved and He even danced with his daughter.

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Checo Pérez and Carin León announce ‘something special’ on networks and keep their fans in suspense

Ángela-Carrasco-fades-at-her-72-years-old-in-full-concert-and-worries-her-fans (1).jpg


Ángela Carrasco faints at 72 years old in the middle of a concert

However, the Pinal dynasty has had something to talk about in recent days, since while the Mexican model and influencer was getting married, everything seems to indicate that Sylvia Pasquel, Michelle’s grandmother, could not be at the celebration because she suffered a severe fall that took her to the hospital.. Besides, Alejandra Guzmán did not stay with the desire and uploaded a controversial image making an obscene signwhich several of her followers interpreted as a clear hint to her niece for not having invited her to her wedding.

Now, Frida Sofía, daughter of ‘La Guzmán’did not want to be left behind and published a series of controversial images on her networks with some mysterious messages, which Internet users have described as darts towards her cousin, Michelle Salas.

“My two moods.”

Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 11.52.42 AM.png

“You can’t just cut people out of your life and act like you never met them.”

Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 11.53.15 AM.png

Furthermore, the journalist and host Gustavo Adolfo Infante pointed out in ‘First Hand’ that Frida Sofia He manifested himself with a controversial image.

“On Frida (Sofía)’s WhatsApp profile, the staff, well, look at the photo that my dear Frida Sofía uploads… It looks like a wedding dress, right?

Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 2.53.07 PM.png