From Atlantean figure to soap opera actor: when Piojo Herrera acted in “Two women, one way”

Miguel Herrera He has become one of the most controversial coaches in Mexican soccer. His character and style within the benches have characterized the acclaimed Louse. However, the style of the feline coach is not new, since since he was active as a footballer, he was widely recognized for his unique characteristics inside and outside the green rectangle.

However, there is also a side to the colorful Mexican strategist. The lice was one of the few footballers who had a curious participation in one of the most acclaimed soap operas by the public: “Two women, one way.” On the hit television show, starring Laura León and Biby Gaitan, Miguel makes an appearance playing himself. All of this in 1993.

During the scene, the friendly Louse He is present in a newspaper business, which belongs to the character of a young woman’s grandfather Itati Cantoral. During the first act, Herrera is shown on the cover of one of the newspapers and he ends up signing for the seller.

At that time, the now Tigres strategist, was one of the inevitable men in the scheme of the Iron Colts of the Atlantean, in addition to being considered by Miguel Mejia Baron as a national team in the qualifying rounds towards the USA 94 World Cup.

Miguel Herrera made his appearance in the 1993 telenovela (Photo: Instagram / @ miguelherreradt)

In the second act, Miguel Herrera comes face to face with Cantoral and the former footballer did not hesitate to give him a compliment: “This young man has just found the most beautiful girl in all of Mexico. Would you agree to have a coffee with me? However, Itatí, who played the character of Graciela, gives her a resounding refusal and tells her that she has a boyfriend.

Moments later, Herrera appears sitting at the same newsstand talking about soccer with Graciela’s father and grandfather. “In football there are no coincidences, each goal has its joke”, Mentions the World Cup helmsman.

The talk suddenly turned into the mystery of the players that Mejía Baron could summon for the World Cup of the year and the merchants anticipate that they hope to see him in said contest, so the Piojo managed to answer: “It is still too early. I swear I have about 20 candles lit ”.

However, it is well known that the differences with Mejía Barón and the constant indiscipline that Herrera presented prior to the World Cup, They deprived him of playing the contest in the summer of ’94.

El Piojo has always been remembered for his character on and off the bench (Photo: Miguel Sierra / EFE)
El Piojo has always been remembered for his character on and off the bench (Photo: Miguel Sierra / EFE) (Miguel Sierra /)

To end his outstanding performance, the former winger of Atlante and Toros Neza buy all the newspapers that are for sale and thus look good with the character played by Cantoral. In addition to leaving the site without first saying goodbye with two kisses from Itatí.

Almost 30 years later, Miguel Herrera commands the UANL Tigres and is about to play the semifinals of Mexican soccer. The Nuevo León team remained within the best positions throughout the Mexican competition and now it maintains the label of “team to beat”.

The cats will have to face each other against León. The first leg will be played on December 1 from the field of Leon in Guanajuato and the return will be the 4 of the same month in the field of the Volcano.

The other semifinal will be disputed between the Pumas de la UNAM and el Atlas. The first leg will be from Ciudad Universitaria on December 2, and the return will be defined from the Jalisco Stadium field.


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