From boxing to football: Eddy Reynoso will participate in the transmission of Atlas vs Pumas

(Photo: Instagram / canelo)

The next finalist of the Grita Mexico Apertura 2021 Tournament will be defined this Sunday night. Atlas and Pumas they will play the second leg at the Jalisco Stadium.

Different fans red and black have boasted of their affection for the institution, and one of the members of the Canelo Team He has made no secret of his passion for Atlas. Eddy reynoso, coach of Saul Canelo Alvarez He is a loyal fan of the Foxes. Now out of the ring and gloves, Eddy will join the commentary team from Aztec TV for coverage of the Liga MX semifinal.

Next to Christian Martinoli, Luis García, Jorge Campos, Luis Roberto Alves Zague and David medrano, the boxing coach will put aside his profession to prove himself as a soccer analyst. As part of the game preview, Aztec TV will have the participation of Edison Omar Reynoso to talk about what awaits Pumas and Atlas.

Through the official account of Aztec Sports shared with the public that the current coach of the Canelo Alvarez He will be on the Ajusco signal talking about football, and especially about the team he directs Dieggo Cocca.

Eddy Reynoso in the transmission Atlas vs Pumas
Eddy Reynoso in the transmission Atlas vs Pumas (Photo: Twitter / @ AztecaDeportes)

With a brief message on their Twitter account, they shared the following:

“A RED AND BLACK WITH A COLORED BONE! @CANELOTEAM (Eddy Reynoso) will be present in the preview of Fut Azteca supporting his rojinegros “

Starting at 6:45 p.m., the official transmission of the game will begin and those of Ajusco will begin the semifinal of the MX League with the contributions of Eddy Reynoso.

The hobby from The red and black fury He is with the illusion to the limit, because after 70 years without proclaiming themselves champions of the First Division of Mexican soccer, this year looks like the desired opportunity. They are 90 minutes away from reaching the grand final of Mexican football and fighting for the Apertura 2021 title.


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