From Erika Buenfil to Galilea Montijo: which Mexican celebrities were in Japan when the earthquake occurred?

Sandra Echeverría worried her fans when she was in Japan, although she herself confirmed that she is fine.


Japan welcomed 2024 with a devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake on the Noto Peninsula that has caused, so far, 48 deaths and a desolate panorama in the Ishikawa prefecture, where the epicenter was recorded.

It was a matter of hours for the world of Mexican entertainment also became a trend because there were many celebrities who had decided to take a break and vacation in JapanProof of this were the photos and videos that several celebrities uploaded to their Instagram accounts.

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Daniel Bisogno said goodbye to everyone with a strong message and a photo that sparked speculation



Érika Buenfil told how she experienced the earthquake in Japan: will she still be in the country?

Erika Buenfil and Galilea Montijo They were two important entertainment figures whose name quickly became a trend because They were in Japan at the time of the earthquakeand although both celebrities have already confirmed that they are fine (in fact, Gali had already left Japan when the natural disaster occurred), the truth is that the list of celebrities is much more extensive.

Figures like Christopher Uckermann and Sandra Echeverría tThey also gave a lot to talk about in the last hours, Which famous Mexicans experienced the earthquake in Japan?



In the last hours, the exRBD Christopher Uckermann He has been very active on Instagram, posting photographs from his vacation in Japan, and although the actor has not officially confirmed how he is, His last posts are from a few hours ago, which shows that he is doing well.

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The actress and singer Sandra Echeverría is currently in Japan with her son, Andrésand given the concern of her fans, the interpreter reassured them through Instagram: “We are perfect, thank you all very much for your messages! “We are far from the epicenter and far from the evacuation zone,” she assured.

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The actress Gaby Meza She also had to clarify that she was fine after the earthquake in Japan, although she he took the matter with more humor: “It shook in Japan, we are fine… I blame Godzilla”, he wrote in his stories.

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María Chacón reassured her followers confirming that, although she was in Japan, the earthquake did not affect her because she was in another area, so it is fine: “We were not affected by the earthquake or anything, Fortunately for us the earthquake was in another part of Japan so we were not affected. And we are out of danger.”

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