From Israel to Latin America: what the startup nation’s innovation program is like

Necessary keys that every entrepreneur must take into account. (Photo: Andina)

A leader must have the formal tools (academic, technical and “mindset”) necessary to understand what is happening in the world. However, those tools must be combined with inspirational factors. That’s what Israel 360 ° is all about, an intensive training program in innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship, with a focus on Latin America. Registration is open and will begin in February 2022.

Thus, it will be possible to learn from Israel’s methodologies and tools in an international certified program that has two stages. On the one hand, participants will access an online innovation platform with internationally renowned Israeli professors, leaders and entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, it will consist of a week-long trip to Israel, with meetings of leaders of the organizations. This will be in May 2022 and will open spaces for business development, networking and two days of tours of the startup nation (as Israel is known).

The country has more startups per capita than any other in the world. This pole of innovation and knowledge brings together the most important technology companies in the world, as well as Silicon Valley, in San Francisco, United States.

Israel has managed to position itself as the global hub of innovation and its technologies and developments are applied throughout the world. It is the country that receives the most private investments in the world and the one with the most companies listed on Nasdaq outside the United States.

About the program

Israel 360 ° is a certified international program, developed from Innovation Experience, a company that has created innovation programs in Israel for more than 7 years.

The initial online stage lasts for 3 months. The virtual academy works 5 thematic verticals. The first three correspond to the Israeli innovative DNA: innovation, entrepreneurship and investments.

The Upright Room is a professional and inspirational toolkit for leaders. Finally, there will be workshops on how to do business with Israel, where at the end, an agenda of personal meetings that the participant will have when they make their trip will be delivered.

That is why the first part of the program aims to transmit knowledge, learning, tools, frameworks, methodologies and mindsets.

Speakers and professors include Itay Sagie, strategic advisor to investment banks, founder of VCforU, a platform for 18,000 startups and investors; Bat Hen, productivity expert; and Erez Tsalik, who has been part of TED University, thought leader in innovation and creativity. To learn more about the program, you must access the site for admission-The program is divided into delegations for senior executives, young leaders and high potential.

A base, at Harvard

This Israeli innovation program has one of its main focuses on networking, inspiration from gurus from the Tel Aviv innovation pole and travel, who make it a 100% tailor-made training.

From another perspective, but on a similar path, Harvard University offers (free) online courses through HarvardX, its digital platform, with paid certificates. They represent an interesting knowledge base to undertake intensive training experiences.

There are 67 virtual courses available, with certificates that can be obtained from USD 25 (up to USD 200). The duration of most is 4 weeks, with university professors and dictations in English (in the case of Israel 360, they are also dictated in that language)

The offer of training courses in JavaScript and Python language and AI (artificial intelligence) stands out.


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