From “my brother is a Martian” to the key contribution in the historic goal against England: the relationship between Diego and Hugo Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona and his brother Hugo were always very close (Photo: Getty Images) (Alessandro Sabattini /)

Since he went out to buy cigarettes in Naples last November 25, 2020, the day of the death of Diego Armando Maradona, the life of his brother Hugo it was not the same. The newsstand expressed its condolences but it was his daughter’s call from Miami that ended up alerting him to a news story that hit him very hard. His older brother had passed away but also his greatest idol, whom he defined as a “Martian” when he was just a kid he also dreamed of being a professional soccer player.

Hugo Hernán Maradona had only 10 years when he first appeared on camera, in 1979, and the journalist Eduardo Carpio questioned him about his soccer qualities and the illusion of getting to play as Diego Armando, who already at that time was emerging as the one chosen to be the best of all time.

“What is Diego like as a brother?”Carpio asked. Hugo she did not hesitate for a second to show all her admiration for him. “It is a phenomenon. He is my best friend, my best brother, he brings us everything “. Next to Lalo, commented that he played as ‘9’ and, when asked if he thought he would become like him Fluff, left an answer that remained for the story: “I never thought it would come to that, because my brother is a Martian. It cannot be argued. “

While Diego Armando Maradona put his name at the top, the Turkito he made his way into the First Division of Argentine football with only 16 years. He made his professional debut also in Argentinos Juniors, which generated immediate comparisons. Their football careers led them to constantly be miles apart, because Hugo He also walked through different countries, although in clubs of less caliber and with the surname of an extraordinary person on his back.

Soccer brought them together in very specific moments. Like when the grenade had arranged the transfer of Lalo Maradona from Mouth and needed to raise funds to pay for it, so the three brothers participated in a match against him Malmö from Sweden which was played on November 15, 1987. Also Hugo Y Diego were rivals, when the Napoli yielded to Turkish to the Ascoli (his brother asked to buy it) and with that shirt he faced the Ten in an unforgettable match in the San paolo.

Hugo Maradona
Diego, Raúl and Hugo together in 1993 (Photo: Getty Images) (Getty Images /)

However, they were always very close. Diego I called him Fat, while Hugo was saying Pelu. And he was so confident that he even dared to criticize his game. While the whole world revered Ten, the Turkish he had the power to give him advice. It was his own Diego Maradona who attributed the responsibility of its definition in the historical Goal of the Century.

“To this goal I put” Thanks to the Turk. ” Do you remember when I went to play at Wembley, that we lost 3-1, I made a similar play with the English? When Clemence came out, I touched her on the side and she left, ”Diego had recalled during his show“ La Noche del Diez ”that he hosted during 2005.

Maradona’s “no goal” to England in 1980 (Pedro Kablan / Infobae)

“Why didn’t you put the ball out and push it?”, criticized it Huguito, with only 11 years, when his brother returned from that tour with the Argentina Selection in 1980. He never forgot. And those words echoed in his mind in the middle of his journey on the lawn of the Aztec stadium, while leaving English footballers on the road. By standing hand in hand with Peter shilton, eluded him as requested by the Turkish. And he scored the best goal ever seen in a world Cup.

“This happens to me at the World Cup. I always remember how my brother screwed me up. My brother tells me that, I remember and thanks to the Turk I make the goal “, acknowledged the Ten.

diego maradona hugo turkish maradona
Hugo Maradona, with his brother Diego Armando Maradona.

A little over a year after the death of DiegoThis event that generated a worldwide commotion, Hugo also lost his life. A month ago he gave an interview to ESPN from Naples, the city that is paralyzed when hearing the surname Maradona. In the last eight years without interruption his residence was in Italy, more precisely in Monte di Procida, within the Campania region, to 20 minutes from the stadium of Napoli.

“It is a difficult day. Oh well, it must be remembered with joy. We want the day to go by quickly. Besides, thousands of memories pass through your mind and it is hard. I promised not to cry, but it’s hard. Here in Napoli it is impressive how they want it. I don’t live here in the city, I live 20 minutes from the stadium. But the memory of the people is impressive and respect ”, said the Turkish in that talk with ESPN F90.

Diego had chosen Lalo as godfather to his first daughter, Dalma, and then chose the Turkish as godfather of Gianinna, the second daughter of his relationship with Claudia Villafañe.

The pandemic, the time difference and the kilometers of distance made communication between the two not easy. Even if they used to call each other on the phone when they could to have irrelevant talks, make jokes. Those dialogues remained in the memory of Hugo until his last day. “There are nights when I wake up and he’s talking to me. When I dream about him I always find him talking to me. He asks me how I am. ‘How are you fat? How stubborn are you? ‘”, expressed when remembering this year in an interview with the Super Deportivo Radio program of Radio Villa Trinidad.

On that occasion, he spoke about his thoughts and a reunion of Diego Maradona with their parents, Mrs. Tota Y Chitoro. “I imagine Diego reaching heaven and my old man waiting for him with a barbecue and my old woman preparing the table. I would have told Mr. Diego: Give him daddy, hurry up the roast! ”, He fantasized.


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