From Princess to Cashier; Melissa Hallivis tells us all about her character in “Do you believe?”

Melissa Hallivis has been a princess for seven years. Not just any princess, but a struggling princess.
The young actress, who has specialized in Mechanism of humor, has been starring for seven years in the play “12 princesses in struggle”, which has become a legend of independent theater in Mexico since it is a parody of the Disney princesses that It has been on the billboard for more than a decade.

“It’s been an enriching experience because you learn every time you get up on stage for a performance,” explains Melissa.

Now he makes the leap to television with his performance in “Do you believe?”, the Televisa comedy series that focuses on the characters of Plutarco and Gaby, who originally appeared in “A family of ten”.

“They are a couple of reckless people who always end up solving the problems they get into,” says Melissa when talking about the characters played by Ricardo Margaleff and Daniela Luján and who are effectively constructed in a farce tone (Plutarco, for example, he got lost when he went to elementary school, he got lost when he went to high school, he got lost when he went to high school, he got lost when he went to university… And now he gets lost when he goes to work).

Melissa Hallivis tells how her character enters that universe.

“When Gaby and Plutarco decide to leave home and become independent, they have to look for work and end up in a supermarket where I am Lupita, the cashier.”

Melissa says that although it is not her first appearance on television, it is the most important so far in terms of prominence.

“There had been some appearances in chapters of Albertano against the monsters and in the same “A family of Ten”, where Plutarco and Gaby came from.

“That’s where I met Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo (the producer) and he gave me the opportunity now to have a character with more presence. The truth is that I am very excited about the opportunity I have, after seven years of being a princess in the theater, now being a supermarket cashier on television”.