From the ring to Playboy and now to acting: “Barby” Juárez hung up his boxing gloves to dedicate himself to theater


Less than a year ago mariana the barby juarez he was defending his title World Boxing Council Bantam (WBC); however, before the lack of fights in this 2020 due to the contingency of coronavirus (COVID-19), decided dabble in the world of theater.

Through a video on their social networks, this Monday the mexican champion 40-year-old, announced that she will debut on stage in September with the comic play Singles in Quarantine next to Cecilia GallianoMaría José Suárez, Julio Ponce and Emy Santa Cruz.

Nevertheless, the barby He pointed out this Tuesday in a virtual press conference that this new facet will not intervene in his boxing duties, Well, she has known how to intersperse the rehearsals with her visits to the gym, to be ready as soon as her promoter told her that the time had come. break idle.

We are already going for a year without fighting and this opportunity presented itself. I’m still training, this is something that I also liked because it’s not a long time, it’s practically been two weeks in which I’ve been rehearsing for two hours a day, but my training and running have been free, I can do both

Due to her beauty, she appeared in Mexico’s Playboy magazine (Photo: Instram/barbyjuarez)

The play, which will have four performances, will premiere on September 18 at 8:30 p.m. through an online forum that will have streaming functions. Tickets can be purchased via, at a cost of 135 pesos.

In this regard, the boxer gave some advances and assured that will surprise to more than one with his performance.

Just when I read the script it made me laugh (…) I’m excited, I want to play a good role (…) I liked the script, they talk about boxing, being a champion, about women, I liked it a lot and I want to share it with all the boxing people

It is worth mentioning that Mariana Juárez already has the experience of having done other papers boxer or trainer on television: “I was on the show Fists of fire, which lasted almost half a year, we were working on conducting and this is comedy. Something that did scare me a little at first, but I am one of those who say ‘we are going to try it’ and I am not going to stay with the desire ”, she assured.

(Photo: Instram/barbyjuarez)
Mariana is very active on her social networks. On instagram she has more than 72 thousand followers (Photo: Instram / barbyjuarez)

Besides, the barby explained that in Mexico Women cannot live one hundred percent from boxing, so they look for other sources of income to get ahead. For this reason, in addition to boxing and acting, he has modeled for different publications.

with a mark of 54 fights won, 18 by knockout, 9 losses and 4 drawsJuárez is considered one of the best mexican fighters of the last decade, since it has three championships in three different divisions.

It was in October 2019 the last time that Mariana entered the ring, when she defended her scepter by unanimous decision against Argentina Caroline Duerand although this year he had more functions planned, the pandemic of COVID-19 He stopped his boxing projects.

In March of this year, he even announced that the talks were advancing to carry out a fight against the Tijuana native. Jackie Aztec Princess Navaanother of the great figures of women’s boxing.

(Photo: Instram/barbyjuarez)
He has three world championships in different divisions (Photo: Instram/barbyjuarez)

This long-awaited fight has been postponed pending the possibility of celebrate functions with fans without risk of contagion from COVID-19, but Juárez left open the possibility that, if things continue as they are with the pandemic, they could fight behind closed doors.

“The public wants to see that fight, but if it doesn’t happen, go ahead (…) I feel like I’m in my best moments”he declared.


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