From the Turkish tombik to a variety of the Venezuelan arepa: the top 10 of the best sandwiches in the world

Chivito, Uruguay’s national sandwich, is among the top 15 on the list. Photo: Taste Atlas

When John MontaguIV Earl of Sandwich, asked in 1762 to be given a piece of meat between two slices of bread to eat while playing cards and not get his fingers dirty, he did not imagine that he would give origin of one of the most popular dishes in the world.

Of course, time did its thing and each region adapted this english product to its culture and gastronomy. Then globalization made them gastronomic ambassadors of each country in different parts of the world.

Taking its flavors, ingredient combinations and popularity as a reference, the gastronomic guide Taste Atltas published on Monday the updated list of the 100 best sandwiches in the world. Here we present the top 10 of the ranking and some outstanding places that are worth mentioning:

1.- Tombik

This variety from Turkey is made with shredded meat in a bun-shaped flatbread known as ask for ekmek . “Bread has a crispy exterior and a soft interior. This dish is usually served with additional ingredients, depending on the customer’s choice, such as tomatoes, onions, lettuce or other vegetables and assorted sauces,” the publication explains.

The tombik is a Turkish variety. (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

Another Turkish specialty is in 16th place on the list, kumru. A toasted sandwich prepared with artisan bread enriched with chickpea flour. It is typically stuffed with kaşar cheese (which is usually grilled before being placed on bread), spicy sausage known as sujuk, and tomatoes. Some modern variations may also include pickles, red pepper flakes, other types of cured meat, or even mayonnaise or ketchup.

2.- Sausage

The Peruvian version of the sandwich took second place with the ham from the South American country, “made with boiled pork leg, garlic, oil, chili and red peppers”. According to the food guide, this “sandwich is a staple at birthday parties and is often served as part of a typical Peruvian breakfast.”

Although the butifarra is of European origin, it is believed that the Peruvian version of this cold cut “began to be sold for the first time during bullfights in early republican Lima.”

Peruvian sausage (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)
The Peruvian butifarra is made with boiled pork leg, garlic, oil, chili pepper and red peppers. (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

3.- Tenderloin sandwich

From the Cordoba mountains, in Argentina, this version of the typical steak sandwich was chosen: “stuffed with thinly sliced ​​tenderloin steak, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mayonnaise, chimichurri sauce, ham, cheese and a fried egg, The tenderloin or tenderloin sandwich is a giant sandwich that is sure to satisfy even the hungriest of consumers.”

The recipe is always open to innovation: “Some may substitute pork for the steak, or add slices of eggplant, along with any other ingredient they can think of. Popular in both Argentina and Uruguay, it can be easily found in numerous street carts scattered throughout the metropolitan areas of both countries.

The Argentine loin sandwich among the three best in the world. (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

4.- Spidie

The culinary icon of Binghamton, New York, is about an Italian roll or slices of white bread that is filled with cubes of marinated chicken, pork or lamb. “The sandwich gained popularity during the 1940s, but its exact origins remain a mystery.”

“The name comes from the Italian word spiedo, which refers to a kitchen spit. Not unusual, considering the meat is grilled on a metal skewer before being placed on a sandwich,” the post clarifies.

The spiedie is the culinary icon of Binghamton, New York. (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

5.- Bánh mì of roasted pork

This version of Vietnam is made with roasted pork bacon as the main ingredient. LThe meat is cooked with a thick layer of salt and spices. It is sliced ​​and served on a typical freshly baked bánh mì bun.

According to Taste Atlas, the sandwich is served with a combination of mayonnaise, pickled carrots and daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, and scallions. “If desired, sliced ​​chilies can be added to the sandwich as a topping, making it very spicy. A side of bánh mì heo quay can also be spread with chicken liver pâté before adding sliced ​​pork belly to the sandwich,” he adds.

Roasted pork banh mì (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)
The meat is cooked with a thick layer of salt and spices to prepare roast pork Bánh mì in Vietnam (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

6.- Lobster roll

Although his origin has been disputed, it is believed that he was born in the state of Maine, in the United States.

This sandwich consists of “cooked lobster meat that is ideally drizzled with melted butter and placed on long hot dog rolls. Also, the sandwich can include lettuce, lemon juice, salt and black pepper. Traditional sides include French fries or French fries as a side.”

Lobster roll (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)
This sandwich is filled with cooked lobster meat that is ideally drizzled with melted butter. (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

7.- Choripan

The king of Argentine street food reached seventh place in the top of Taste Atlas. The post describes it as “a sandwich consisting of a chorizo ​​sausage and assorted condiments on a crispy bun. It is usually consumed on the go, since it is sold mainly in street stalls. It can be obtained throughout Latin America.

Choripán is the king of Argentine street food. PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

8.- Toast Skagen

This is a classic Swedish sandwich. For its elegant presentation, which includes a sprig of dill and a slice of lemon on the side, usually served as an appetizer.

It is made with white bread, shrimp, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, white fish roe, dill, lemon and butter.

The Toast Skagen is a classic Swedish sandwich. (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

9.- Milanese sandwich

Another of the most popular Argentine dishes slipped into the first places of the top 100 of the best sandwiches in the world.

The milanesa sandwich, also typical in Uruguay, consists of a divided baguette or long loaf filled with meat or chicken schnitzelaccompanied with mayonnaise, tomatoes, onions and chopped lettuce.

Some regional versions may include mustard, chimichurri, ham, or cheese. “This sandwich is especially popular in the province of Tucuman, where it is sold in mostly family sandwich shops. In some restaurants, the milanesa sandwich is accompanied with mashed potatoes or French fries as a side.”

Milanese sandwich (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)
Milanesa sandwich is also traditional in Uruguay. (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

10.- Andean Arepa

This variety of venezuelan arepasis distinguished by the use of wheat flour instead of standard corn flour. The version is native to the Andes region, near the border with Colombia, especially in the state of Meridawhere wheat has been cultivated since ancient times.

“The Andean arepa can be eaten alone or filled with cheese and vegetables such as tomatoes. It is recommended to accompany a simple Andean arepa with a cup of hot coffee”, says the publication.

The Andean version of the arepa is very popular in the state of Mérida. PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

A version of the traditional arepa known as “Queen Pepiada” It is in position 42 of the ranking. Made with its typical corn dough, the “Reina Pepiada” has a filling made with chicken, avocado and mayonnaise.

The arepa is a pre-Columbian dish made with pre-cooked cornmeal.

The long list of Taste Atlas also includes the goat sandwichthe national dish of Uruguay ; he vada pav of the India, a completely vegetarian version; the cubano, a grilled pressed sandwich made with Cuban bread stuffed with ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. originally was invented by Cuban immigrants in Florida; and Montreal smoked meat, Canada.

In position 25 is the sabichof Israel. A pita bread sandwich stuffed with fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, tahini sauce, Israeli salad, hummus, pickled mango sauce (amba) and parsley. Another specialty of this country, toasted bread, is also in 96th place in the ranking. “It is made by pressing and toasting a spongy bun covered in sesame seeds that is split and filled with cheese and vegetables.”

Cuban was originally invented by Cuban immigrants in Florida. (PHOTO: TASTE ATLAS)

He calamari sandwich spanish, the bauru from Brazil, and the drowned omelette from Mexico, occupy places 27, 38 and 50 respectively.

The Taste Atlas top 100 closes with the luco barros, from Chile, in position 98; he runzaa specialty of the state of Nebraska in the United States, at number 99 and the pork roll of New Jerseyalso in the United States.

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