From Yuridia to Carin León, these are some of the artists Ángela Aguilar has worked with

Ángela Aguilar made a foray into electronic music at the hands of DJ Steve Aoki.


the talent of Angela Aguilar in the world of the Mexican regional genre is unquestionable. Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has known how to conquer the public with her interpretations, and despite the controversies that she has starred in, her successes have also been several.

The collaborations that Ángela Aguilar has had throughout her career with artists of the stature of Jesse & Joy or Christian Nodal they have only increased their fame, resulting in authentic hits that sound non-stop both on the radio and on the Spotify and YouTube platforms.

These are some of the works that the singer has done together with other figures of music and that have given him unforgettable hits.

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One of the most recent collaborations that Ángela Aguilar has had is with the singer carin leon; with “Go away”, both stray a bit from regional Mexican to experiment with other sounds and lyrics that evoke loss and separation.


Ángela Aguilar surprised the fans of Rocio durcal with a new version of “The cat in the rain” (He even renamed it “Buy me a coffee”). The electronic version, which was played by DJ Steve Aoki, was not entirely liked by Internet users, although the video clip has had a great response on YouTube


It was obvious that Angela decided to work with her father, Pepe Aguilar, especially when starting in the world of music; and it is with “Your blood in my body”, released in 2018, which both showcased their singing skills. The video clip has been a success, and already accumulates more than 190 million views on YouTube.

jesse & joy

Ángela Aguilar decided to approach the pop sound, and what better than with the duet with Jesse & Joy. The song “What did she give you?” was the product of that collaboration, and soon became one of the public’s favorites.


angela and Yuridia they recorded the single together “What agony”; In the music video for the song, which combines the best of pop and regional Mexican, both singers share the stage and interact with great passion, although without losing fidelity to their style.


At the end of 2020, Ángela worked together with Christian Nodal for the single “Tell me how you want”. As an anecdote, the singer tells that the first rapprochement was with Pepe Aguilar, since he asked his permission to record the song with his daughter. The song has positioned very well on Spotify, staying in the Top 5.