Gabo Vega debuts in Rap with his new album Resurrección

The Tabasco musician, only 22 years old, Pedro Gabriel Bastiani Vega, better known in the artistic world as Gabo Vega, with influences from one of the main exponents of Mexican rap Sabino, the rapper originally from Cancún Lng Sht, the Mexican rapper Gayo Valdez , and Tino El Pingüino, among other rappers who see the world of rap in a different way and not only from the street, but from the things they like and day-to-day experiences.

Having a group with LJagger called La Trini, he talked about his new album RESURRECTION made up of 14 tracks, which is now available on all digital platforms.

The songs include RESURRECTION, mentioned “Kiss you, Magic, The truth, Money a$$, Poncha, Que se yo, I like you, ONCE ONCE, Para: nobody, Frenesí, Tiempo, Utopia, YO NO TENGO NAH and PUNTO RECORDS FREESTYLE ”.

Regarding the most innovative element of the EP, the artist declared “The new genres that it implements and the more mature and raw lyrics of saying things; in a creative process that took almost two years to write, since I had a streak of losses like my older sister, my mother and my father who did not let me finish and in that album everything I feel and want is captured in this world of music where great friends participated such as: LJagger, Mr Wollf, Yomar En Tu Vida, Jonson THC, Big Papu and Sebas Sebas.”

The Tabasco musician revealed “There is an EP coming at the beginning of the year that is something new for me, since it has new rhythms and genres with the same formula of love lyrics, and we are looking for ways to do more events outside the state.”

To conclude, Gabo Vega said that he studied at a nun’s school, and it was there where his love for music was born, since his subject was Musical Arts. It was at the age of 17 that he began to write poems for the young woman he liked or hit. , and in quarantine he recited those poems with his guitar, at the same time he recorded his first song with his cell phone, managing to start his artistic career professionally and seeking to convey through his music that everything is possible, even if the path is difficult, it always exists. a light that illuminates.