Gabriel Boric, president of Chile, gets stuck on a slide; embarrassing #video goes viral

The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, experienced a moment of fun and embarrassment in his hometown, Punta Arenas, last week when he visited a playground for children with the family. However, his visit turned out to be an unexpected moment. when he got caught on a slide.

Boric, who had returned to his native region to then participate in the constituent elections in Chilehe enjoyed a day off with his partnerIrina Karamanos. Both visited a children’s playground in the city ​​located in the extreme south of the country, where the president went up a slide.

Unfortunately, while trying to get off the slide after his descent, he got stuck on the inside. A woman who was present at the scene recorded the mishap and you can hear in the video how she points out: “How funny, there it comes out. he got stuck our President of the Republic”.

Despite the awkward moment, Boric managed to get out of the slide after a few minutes and took the incident with humor. The video of the incident went viral. on social networks and has generated a variety of reactions among users from Internet... although this incident it may have been an embarrassing moment.