Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva, did they break up? They have not been seen together

The wedding between Irina Baeva Y Gabriel Soto has been postponed so many times that fans of the couple They already doubt that this will be done, moreover, some question if the couple is still togetherbecause for several weeks they have not been seen, and lately They have not published a photo together on social networks either.

The doubts about how the relationship is cleared Gabriel Soto himself, who assures that “everything is perfectly fine” and that it is only of “speculations”.

Soto, 47, spoke to the press at the Mexico City airport and admitted that at the moment he and Irina are not together, Well, she’s on a trip he went to Russia to see his parentsbecause I had not seen them for three years, I missed them a lot and he could not accompany her for work reasons.

“Yes, he went on a trip without me, because I am working, recording the novel of “The paths of love”, in fact they gave me permission to go to do this campaign because it was already agreed, ”clarified the actor.

And just the photo of this campaign it is the last one that both have together, since then there is no trace of the turtledove couple on Instagram.

The wedding between Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto was first postponed by Covid-19 Pandemic, later, when it was already possible to resume the massive events, came the war between Russia and Ukraine, so the family of the actress could not leave his country.

Gabriel Soto assured that his girlfriend’s family is far from the conflict zone.