Gaby Cóceres with several projects this year

She is currently the host of Extreme Motorcycling that is broadcast on Fox Sports

Gaby Cóceres, originally from Santa Fe, Argentina, is currently the host of Motociclismo Extremo that is broadcast on Fox Sports.

He has interviewed prominent athletes, artists and businessmen. Since 2021, she has also worked in the corporate field as Master of Ceremonies in all kinds of face-to-face and virtual events, helping leading companies from various sectors to communicate and positively impact their audiences.

In an interview he recalled “last year, being a World Cup year, I was super focused on managing Qatarsis Futbolera by MVS and I fulfilled the dream of seeing my team champion and Messi (whom I love madly) lift the world cup.”

“This year I would like to open up more to driving projects in other genres that I equally enjoy, such as fashion and entertainment; In fact, I would love to do a magazine show, a morning show where I can show more of my personality.”

“In addition, since the pandemic, I have gotten closer to my first love, which is acting, so this 2023 will come with various fiction projects, some of which are already taking place.”

The host and actress Gaby Cóceres, when asked how do you think beauty standards have currently changed?, replied “on the one hand I feel that there is a strong trend that aims to highlight the so-called ‘real bodies’, especially women, we feel more comfortable with our complexion.”

“But I think that social networks maximize comparisons to the extreme and highlight a perfection that does not exist, but that we are all trying to achieve.” “And then the famous filters, which I think can take us to extremes where some people feel very insecure not using them, or they just can’t remember what they looked like without them.”

About what do you identify with in life?, he expressed “with people who fight for what they believe, those who leave their comfort zone, the curious, travelers, those who love animals and those who are not afraid to reinvent itself to evolve”.

Of the other things that draw her attention to doing, Gaby Cóceres declared that she likes fashion very much, and feels that she has an aesthetic sense that allows her to do things in that area; That is why she takes advantage of her social networks and the agreements she has with brands to remember her modeling days where she obtained recognition on catwalks, advertisements and photo shoots in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.
“I would like to train as a motivational speaker, I am quite a fan of Ted Talks, so I would love to be able to give one at some point.”

“I also had a girl’s dream pending, which is to have a music band, I don’t know if I can dedicate the time that something like this entails, but I’ll settle for one day going up to sing with one,” she added.

Finally, he advised people who are starting a project that it doesn’t matter if they start with something small, passion is not negotiable and that same commitment is what later leads them to grow personally and professionally.

“I have also learned over the years to take great care of my thoughts and be aware of my habits: without a doubt, discipline is essential to achieve any goal we set for ourselves.”