Gaby Spanic: “I was a victim of sexual abuse by Pablo Montero”


Tremendous scandal! The soap opera actress Gaby Spanic surprised by making public a complaint against Pablo Montero because she points out that he sexually abused her.

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The Venezuelan assured the press that it was during the first season of La Casa de los Famosos México, in which she shared confinement with the singer, where the events occurred.

“They protected (in La Casa de los Famosos México) a sexual abuse there, I was a victim of sexual abuse by Pablo Montero”revealed the protagonist of La Usurpadora, upon leaving Televisa San Ángel.

Journalist Edén Dorantes asked the villain if inappropriate touching had occurred, to which she flatly responded yes.

“Yes (there was touching) he was over the top,” he said.

Gaby Spanic commented that Pablo Montero apologized to her within the show and denounced that the production of La Casa de los Famosos wanted to silence her and covered up the facts.

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“I appreciate Pablo Montero very much, but in this show they edited many things, he apologized to me within the show, many things happened that are not worth saying anymore. At that time there were no people in charge who would stand up to me, what they did was give me more alcohol and they supported that.”.

The famous woman said that all the details of the events were revealed in the program Secretos de Villanas 2 and also expressed her reasons why she will not legally denounce Pablo Montero.

“I spoke with the lawyers and they told me that this is a crime, I thought about reporting it but because, if lawyers are so expensive and justice is so slow, years go by and nothing happens. I have faith that as time goes by everything will fall under its own weight, the masks are already falling.”.