Gaby Spanic will be seized: Gustavo Adolfo Infante won final lawsuit

After a fierce battle in court for an apparent moral damage pointed out by Gabriela Spanic in 2019 as a result of Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s statements on the morning program Sale el sol that, according to her, irreparably damaged her morale and that of her son, and for which he demanded financial compensation, today justice agrees with the journalist.

It will be Gaby Spanic who will have to pay, as indicated by the Thirteenth Civil Judge.
Unfortunately for Spanic, what she said was not proven in the resolution, for which the journalist was acquitted and the actress was accused of wasting time and inventing moral damage where there was none, at a cost of 193 thousand 399 pesoswhich would have to pay the journalist and, in case of not doing so, could be seized in their assets until the aforementioned amount is guaranteed.

Given the lack of liquidity, Gabriela Spanic made her car available to the authorities to pay off the debt with Infante.

In his program, the journalist mentioned: “I can’t talk about this person because I have a restriction; I am not going to accept the car, which also has a value of 36 thousand pesos, I prefer cash to donate it, as I said, to children with cancer”.

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