Gaby Spanic’s transformation before she retired from soap operas

She is one of the most famous actresses in soap operas, a pampered protagonist on several television stations, but her career as an actress Gaby Spanic could come to an end.

This is how the Venezuelan commented exclusively for the program ‘Hoy’, where she commented that she is already thinking about stopping her career in melodramas: “Yes, I want to put a stop to it. There comes a time when, as if you already did what you had to do… I want to make a movie, but while it’s apples and pears, I think, is it worth it?

What do you plan to do?

Gaby Spanic has reflected on what she would dedicate herself to, but above all, she seeks to spend more time with her son: “Maybe I sell what little or much I have, I want to go with my son, open a restaurant, the years go by and sometimes we lose things of the children, because we are here up to 16 hours”.

Gaby said that she could be a businesswoman: “One of my dreams is to set up a tasting restaurant, where there is no menu, to set up a boutique hotel and live on the top floor.”

Who is Gaby Spanic when the cameras turn off?

In an exclusive interview with TVyNovelas, she told us: “I am very young, very playful, very funny, very professional, I cook deliciously, I make many creams, I love music, I like to sing, compose, I love being a housewife, going to the supermarket I think I never stop, I always have a million energy and I enjoy my life, I am a human being who does not like to put on makeup, who does not like to wear heels, I am very elementary.

Is your son like this or calmer? My son, Gabo, is more leisurely, he is not as outgoing as I am, but he is very mature for his age, he is 13 years old and already my size. Sometimes when we are in the street he asks me not to speak so loudly, to lower my voice; he is horrible to me, and so am I. When we’re in the gym he asks me what I’m doing talking to the trainer, but he’s really cute.

Do you remember when you started on television? I have been rewinding so many things, because I am celebrating 33 years of career and I have done everything, because my career has been step by step, I was not always the protagonist. I started doing extra roles and I’ve been through many soap operas, with different characters, even as a man I’ve had to play; I think I’ve already recorded about five thousand chapters.