Gael García joins the Marvel Universe and surprises in a new trailer

Mexican actor Gael García Bernal arrives at Marvel with Werewolf By Night, a production that can be seen on Disney+

Disney’s D23 continues to give surprises, so this time it revealed the trailer for “Werewolf By Night”, a new Marvel Studios Halloween special starring actor Gael García Bernal.

There is no doubt that the Marvel fandom will be eager to meet and see an iconic antihero from La Casa de las Ideas on screen, because in this preview of Werewolf By Night, we were given a glimpse of what Gael García’s debut will be. Bernal to the MCU.

The released images present a story with a lot of action, terror and suspense in which Gael García will play the Werewolf from the Marvel comics.

This is a special directed by Michael Giacchino, Jaycob Maya and Will Spencer, it gives the impression of being a macabre game where a group of characters must find the monster that hides among them.

The most significant thing about the Werewolf By Night trailer is its clear homage to classic horror movies. His black and white photography, his Hitchcockian-style music and his Tod Browning aesthetic confirm this.

Werewolf By Night (Werewolf), a role with which Gael García signs his entry into the UCM, is a fictional Marvel character, based on Jake Gomez. He appeared in the Marvel comics in 2020. His timeline is the 616 universe.