Galilea Montijo and her ritual of LENTILS unleash MEMES and videos in the New Year

In the days leading up to the New Year, videos of Galilea Montijo went viral sharing his infallible ritual for abundance that consists of throwing lentils on himself and keeping a little in his wallet throughout the year. The time came and many people followed his advice.

The presenter insisted that her ritual was infallible and that those who tried it would remember her, which is why an abundance arrived on social networks, but of memes and videos of people collecting their lentils from the floor.

On TikTok several families shared the moment after throwing lentils on themselves, and they were seen on the floor, picking up a fist to save it, as Galilea Montijo said.

Did you try? We will see at the end of 2023 if it was as effective as the dear host promised.

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