Galilea Montijo defends herself against criticism for her new boyfriend

Galilea Montijo has been in the eye of the hurricane these weeks since it was discovered that she has a new lover, with whom she shared a delicious weekend on the beach.

This is Isaac Moreno, a Spanish model who stole the sighs when the photographs went viral.

Galilea Montijo surprised everyone by confirming that she is dating the handsome Spanish model, Isaac Moreno, by being seen on the beaches of Holbox.

Days later, he declared to the press that they were looking to establish a formal relationship with him but they were still getting to know each other so it was nothing serious.

In addition, she explained that she is a single woman and that they will see her dating several men until she finds her better half.

Very much in her style, the host of Hoy responded to the attacks of many followers through a publication on her social networks; causing controversy.

The recently divorced shared some photos of some clothing items with some phrases that were addressed to her haters.

“One day as an empowered bitch, other days as a run over bitch, but always bitches”, “When I become a being of light I am going to electrocute several that I know” and “In defense of alcohol I must say that I made worse decisions while sober” it reads on the sweatshirts.