Galilea Montijo does not want to stop wanting and plans to become a mother at 50 years old

Galilea Montijo wanted a girl, so she will fight to have one.


Galilea Montijo gave herself a new opportunity in love and now she does not miss the opportunity to shout her love for Isaac Moreno, her new partner, from the rooftops; In fact, she has done so well, that she even wants to become a mother again.

The host of Hoy started the New Year with a romantic trip in Bali, Indonesia, with Isaac Moreno as an original way to welcome 2024 that the famous woman has already begun to plan, and apparently one of her purposes is… to become a mother again!

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That’s right: despite that Galilea Montijo already has an 11-year-old biological son and two symbolically adopted ones, the presenter revealed that he was left wanting a girlso she will do everything possible to become a mother again.

Is Galilea Montijo considering adopting or hiring a surrogate? These were the host’s impressive plans for 2024.

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It was in a talk with the program Divine Nets that was published just a few hours ago on YouTube that Galilea Montijo revealed that this 2024 It has a very specific purpose: look for options to become a mother again.

“I wouldn’t like to be left with the desire of a girl.”

The charismatic host of Today He assured in the broadcast that, although he already has a son, always wanted a girl. Now, that her relationship with Isaac Moreno is at its peak, Gali determined that She will not be left wanting and will seek to have a daughter.

“Yes, I am looking for an option or I would like to look for an option, because I would not like to be left with the desire of a girl,” he acknowledged. Galilee in Divine Nets.

Galilea Montijo He was also aware that, because he is already 50 years oldwe cannot talk about a pregnancy, although it was shown open to other options such as adoption or even surrogacy or “wombs for rent.”

Given this, all the drivers of Divine Nets they did not hesitate show your support for Galilea Montijor, and they wished luck in his search for that girl he loves so much.


Galilea Montijo only has one biological son: Mateoa product of her marriage to Fernando Reina Iglesias.

However, before marrying Galilea, Fernando Reina already had two other children from his previous marriage, who were “adopted” by the driver in a symbolic way.

The driver and her husband divorced a few months ago; however, Galilea maintains that he has three children:

  • Mateo, 11 years old
  • Claudio, 13 years old
  • Alexis, 16 years old