Galilea Montijo exhibits a monkey that ‘stole’ her cell phone in Indonesia; this is the funny photo

Galilea Montijo enjoyed a vacation in Japan and Indonesia.


Galilea Montijo and Isaac Moreno are currently in Bali, Indonesia, enjoying a well-deserved and romantic vacation, where they even got into trouble because of a monkey.

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In the last hours, Galilea Montijo was a cause for concern after the fort 7.6 magnitude earthquake that shook the Noto peninsula, in Japan, an Asian country where the famous woman was also vacationing; Fortunately, shortly after it was confirmed that She was no longer there when the earthquake occurred.

The scare is over and, apparently, Gali is having a great time in company of her boyfriend, Isaac Moreno… although not everything has been smooth sailing, well The couple was the victim of a curious “criminal” who stole their cell phone!!.. or maybe not, because let’s remember that things are not always what they seem.


In the last photograph that Galilea Montijo uploaded to her Instagram account, you can see the exact moment a monkey took a selfie with the driver and Isaac Moreno after “stealing his cell phone.” In the image, both celebrities are seen with a funny expression of alarm.

However, everything was a jokeand the photography was just a fun moment that Galilea Montijo and her boyfriend They lived in an amusement park in Bali, where it is common to see artificial monkey mockups specially placed to take a fun and instagrammable photo selfie.

However, The montage of the image and the expressions of the couple suggest that they were victims of a funny “robbery” which, so far, has accumulated more than 80 thousand likes and all kinds of comments, where emojis of crying faces with laughter are the most posted.

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GaLilea Montijo He stopped hiding it and now boasts it to the four winds: The driver began dating the Spanish Isaac Morenoa person with whom he has already shared several romantic moments.

Isaac Moreno is a famous model and influencer originally from Santa Cruz de Tenerife who has begun to be in the public eye of Mexicans due to the excellent chemistry he has with Galileehis girlfriend.